Former Contestant Opens Up About ‘Painful’ Experience on DWTS

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Sadie Robertson was a contestant on season 19 of ABC’sDancing With the Stars” alongside professional partner Mark Ballas in 2014. Now, the 24-year-old celebrity has opened up about her experience during the show in her new book.

Robertson released her book, “Who Are You Following? Pursuing Jesus in a Social Media Obsessed World,” in early 2022. In the book, she discusses what it was like to rise to fame on a reality television show, as her family was the subject of the A&E reality series “Duck Dynasty.”

She also discusses what it was like to participate in “Dancing With the Stars” and see a nearly meteoric rise to fame during her time on the show.

Robertson Recalled ‘Painful’ Times During DWTS

In the book, Robertson opened up about being on “Dancing With the Stars” and feeling the spotlight that came with the competition.

“Up until then, I felt like the attention wasn’t really on me; it was on my family,” Roberston wrote in the book. “By the end of my eleven weeks on the show – when I placed runner-up – my life had changed so much, even though I didn’t feel like it had changed at all.”

Robertson recalled hitting 1 million Instagram followers during the season, and the fact that her friends and family were kind of left behind.

“They probably assumed none of it bothered me because I had all these followers and fame,” Robertson wrote. “But all of that fame meant nothing to me when I felt invisible to the ones I really cared about.”

When it came to her Instagram growing while she was on “Dancing With the Stars,” Robertson said that it was “one of the loneliest and most painful times” in her life, though she knew competing on the reality show was an opportunity for her. In her personal life, however, her relationships took a hit.

“I stopped getting invited to things,” she wrote. “I got booted from our lunch table.”

She later added, “A hundred thousand likes on a picture does nothing for you when you have no one to hang out with. To the outside world, I had everything, but inside I was missing something I greatly desired – friendship.”

Robertson Revealed She Deleted Some Social Media

She later shared that she deleted Snapchat and some other apps from her phone, and that she has “not missed out on anything” and believes that deleting those apps has made her “a better person with a freer and purer mind.”

She said she has also deleted TikTok because she and the apps shared “a toxic cycle of breaking up and getting back together, hoping that when I came back, the problems that I had before would be gone.”

Robertson’s book was released on February 1, 2021 and also includes her thoughts on her marriage and becoming a mother.

“Dancing With the Stars” has not yet been renewed for season 31. If it does get renewed, the show will return sometime in mid-September of 2022.

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