Peta Murgatroyd Is ‘Concerned’ After Maks Chmerkovskiy Leaves Home for Napa

Peta Murgatroyd.

Getty Images Peta Murgatroyd is worried that she will be alone in the delivery room.

Peta Murgatroyd is about a week away from her due date and she is worried that Maksim Chmerkovskiy may miss the baby’s birth.

The “Dancing With the Stars” pro and her husband are currently living in two different cities as he is in Napa working on his new show, Savor After Hours, and she’s at home with their 6-year-old son, Shai.

On June 5, 2023, Murgatroyd addressed concerns that Chmerkovskiy wouldn’t make it back in time to witness the birth of the couple’s second child — and she said that it’s something that is a very real possibility.

“I love that all of you are so concerned about Maks being away for the birth. So am I,” Murgatroyd said on her Instagram Stories. She went on to explain that Savor After Hours had been in the works for a long time and once production got the green light on the space at Napa Valley’s JaM Cellars Ballroom, they moved forward with it. Murgatoyd’s unexpected pregnancy ended up clashing with the timeline.

Here’s what you need to know:

Peta Murgatroyd Explained Her Labor Plan

Although Chmerkovskiy is a 6-hour drive away from Murgatroyd, the couple is determined to work things out. “Whatever happens, happens,” Murgatroyd said on her Instagram Stories.

“By no means does Maks want to miss the birth or do I want him to miss the birth,” she admitted. “We are definitely wanting it to happen on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, because those are his off days,” she continued.

“As you can imagine, you cannot predict anything. So, if I go into labor on a Thursday Friday, while he’s doing the show, he’s going to finish the show. Obviously, cuz nobody’s gonna be replacing him just like that,” she said, snapping her fingers. “And he’s gonna either get in the car and drive for six hours or I don’t think there’s a flight, so I don’t think that’s actually an option,” she explained, adding that Chmerkovskiy will “drive overnight” if he has to.

“Cross our fingers. Cross my legs. He makes it. That’s kind of the plan. There is no other plan, to be quite honest with you. And, of course, that will break my heart if he’s not there,” Murgatroyd said, adding that her mom isn’t due into town until June 15, 2023, and she’s “praying and hoping that someone will be there” when her baby comes. The one person that she can count on is her doula, whom she says she double checked with. “I’m like, ‘please don’t leave me!'” Murgatroyd said with a laugh.

Peta Murgatroyd & Maks Chmerkovskiy Had an Emotional Goodbye

Chmerkovskiy packed his bags and drove north to Napa for Savor After Hours just weeks before his wife’s due date.

“Papa is off to Napa,” Chmerkovskiy captioned an Instagram post on May 28, 2023. “Tech week at @jamcellarsballroom staging @savorafterhours and I CAN NOT WAIT TO SEE EVERYONE AT THE THEATER!!!!!” he added.

Savor After Hours had a successful opening night on June 3, 2023, and, according to Chmerkovskiy’s Instagram Stories, things seem to be going really well. However, being away from his family is very difficult, especially knowing that Murgatroyd could go into labor at any time.

Mugatroyd said that she’s trying to take it easy and to rest as much as she can so that she doesn’t go into labor while Chmerkovskiy is away.

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