Peta Murgatroyd Cries Over ‘Challenging’ Health Update

Getty Maksim Chmerkovskiy and Peta Murgatroyd attend the UNICEF Masquerade Ball

In a new Instagram story, “Dancing With the Stars” professional dancer Peta Murgatroyd gave her fans the latest IVF health update. She became quite emotional in the video talking about what she is currently doing and how hard it is because her husband Maksim Chmerkovskiy is away.

Peta Admitted This is the First Time She Has Really Struggled

In the video, Peta updated her followers on where she is in her IVF journey. She and husband Maks have viable embryos and are awaiting implantation day, but her latest round of shots is really getting to her.

“This is the first time in this whole IVF thing where I’ve struggled a little bit,” said the dancer. “Obviously, it’s like of course it’s the hardest at the end to get what you want, to get this beuatiful baby.”

She then showed the size of the needle she is using for her progesterone shots that she just started and said that she was “getting emotional” because Maks was away and she had to do them alone.

“I looked at the injections and I’m like, ‘Holy crap.’ My god. It’s really big and I forgot what intra-muscular meant. I remember the nurse saying to me, ‘Oh, maybe you want to get your husband to do these ones for you and I’m like, ‘No, I’m fine. I’ve been doing all the other needles, I’m totally fine.'”

But then when she saw the size of the needle, she broke down a little.

“Maks left early this morning and it has to be done before 10 am … when I got up this morning and I saw this in the package, I was like, ‘Oh my god.'” said Peta.

“[The shot] is in the butt, which is good, but it’s like really actually hard to turn around that much. Like I’m flexible, but holy crap. To bend my back around to get the meatiest part of the butt is f***ing challenging. And then of course the whole needle needs to go in, you can’t just put half in,” said the dancer.

She Finally Had to Remind Herself About All the Women Who Have Done IVF Multiple Times

Peta said that what finally got her to give herself the shot was to remind herself of what other women have gone through trying to conceive a baby.

“I just kept telling myself, ‘Peta, get it in. Be grateful, move on with your day, stop crying,'” she recalled. “People do this four or five times over, I was literally thinking of all the women who have done this multiple times, I’m like, ‘Stop being a frickin’ baby. move on.’ That’s what got it in. That’s what got it in, I was like, ‘You’re being a baby right now.'”

She then said that she was sorry to go on such an “unexpected ramble,” but she’s very hormonal right now.

“Everything is getting up, I’ve quadrupled my estrogen, I’m still on aspirin, I’m starting antibiotics … what else. I’ve got three other pills to take as well, plus with all these other vaginal stuff, it’s a lot,” said Peta, adding, “So that was an unexpected ramble. I wasn’t expecting to get emotional, but as I said I’m very hormoned up right now.”

Peta and Maks have opened up in the past few months about their fertility struggles. They suffered three miscarriages in two years, one of which happened during Peta’s time competing on “Dancing With the Stars” season 29. Peta said that it has been incredibly hard on them and that Maks really broke down when she had her second miscarriage.

But they are currently very optimistic about having another baby. They shared during an Instagram live in July that they have many viable embryos and implantation is just around the corner.

“Dancing With the Stars” returns for its 31st season this fall on Disney Plus.

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