Peta Murgatroyd Tearfully Thanks Lacey Schwimmer For Ukraine Aid


Peta Murgatroyd and Lacey Schwimmer were professional dancers on “Dancing With the Stars” together for only one season but they forged a lasting friendship. In a new Instagram story, Peta tearfully talks about how much she is struggling with what is going on in Ukraine amid the Russian invasion of her husband Maksim Chmerkovskiy’s home country, and she thanks Lacey Schwimmer and Lacey’s longtime partner, Frankie Moreno, for what they are doing to help the animals in Ukraine who are affected by the war.

Frankie Is Donating The Proceeds From His Latest Single to Ukrainian Animals

In her Instagram story, Peta gave a shout-out to Frankie and Lacey for what they’re doing for Ukrainian animals.

Peta said:

Guys, I have the best friends. Lacey Schwimmer, she was on our show “Dancing With the Stars” for many, many years and her man, Frankie Moreno, is donating all of his proceeds from his newest single “Upside Down” to the animals in Ukraine that need help, that need assistance and need care.

I think it’s just amazing. Thank you guys so much. You can buy his single on iTunes and it’s amazing and I would love if you guys can help us out with that. I love you Lacey, thank you for all your help that you’re doing. I love you. Thank you, Frankie.

The single is out on iTunes now. On his own Instagram stories, Frankie wrote, “ALL the proceeds from the single goes to helping animal shelters in the Ukraine get food and care they need for the animals in these terrible times. So, thank you so much for all the support.”

And Lacey added on her stories, “All proceeds goes to animals in needs in the Ukraine! Please help the animals left behind and misplaced who are scared and hungry.”

Frankie Moreno is a musician who has had dozens of hits on iTunes in the past few years and, according to a profile in the Las Vegas Sun, Lacey has helped him write many of his songs. The two have been together since 2013; they met in 2012 when Frankie performed live on “Dancing With the Stars,” according to a separate Las Vegas Sun article.

Animals in Need Are Definitely a Part of a Crisis Like This

Indeed, the animals are a major concern during a crisis like this. In a story on “Today,” a woman named Hellika Landsmann, who volunteers with the Estonian Society for the Protection of Animals said that refugees arrive having toted their pets with them for days.

“When the animals get here, they are really hungry and they haven’t had water in days because people don’t know how long a time they have to travel,” said Landsmann. “At the moment, all our hotels and all refugee apartments are ready to help. … We understand that it’s not easy and the best way to help is to keep the family together as much as they can.”

She also said there are workers who stayed behind in Ukraine to care for shelter animals who are asking for a “green corridor” to get the animals out of Ukraine safely, but she said it’s hard to trust that they will be safe, especially after volunteers who have tried to deliver supplies to shelters have been killed.

“I know at least a few animal helpers or shelter volunteers who got shot because they want to visit shelter animals and wanted to bring some food to them,” Landsmann said. “And they were just shot. … The war is not over and it’s getting worse every day.”

Peta Is Also Struggling With the Footage of Children Hurt or Killed

In her Instagram story, Peta, who has a son, Shai, with Maks, become very emotional talking about the footage of children being wheeled into hospitals who are hurt or dead.

“I can’t stop sobbing over these children!!! WTF!!!! This has to stop. I never want to know what these parents are going through,” wrote Peta.

She added in a video, “I’m struggling to get through some days. Sometimes I have good days, other days I have terrible days because I just can’t get this out of my head. I’ve walked those streets, I’ve been there, it is such a beuatiful country and the children that are dying right now… —”

She trailed off, then added, “Believe me, just because my husband is home — he’s come for now — does not mean that we aren’t continually doing stuff to try to help. And we aren’t continually thinking about what is going on there every single day. Please be aware of that.”

What Peta is referring to is the fact that Maks was stranded in Ukraine for a week when the invasion started. He eventually returned home, but he has said he wants to return to Europe, Poland specifically, to help distribute aid and relocate refugees.

If you’d like to help the people of Ukraine, you can donate to Bethenny Frankel’s BStrong organization, which has raised $6 million and counting for Ukraine. Or you can donate money or supplies to Maks, Valentin and their father Aleksandr’s efforts, or click here for a list of other charities that are sending aid and supplies.

“Dancing With the Stars” has not yet been renewed for season 31. If it is renewed, it will return in September 2022.

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