Peta Murgatroyd Recounts ‘Traumatic’ Miscarriage While Competing on DWTS

ABC Peta Murgatroyd and Vernon Davis on season 29 of 'Dancing With the Stars'

“Dancing With the Stars” professional dancers and married couple Peta Murgatroyd and Maksim Chmerkovskiy have been opening up about their secondary infertility struggles, which means they were able to get pregnant but Peta kept miscarrying. On the July 21 episode of the “Infertile AF” podcast, Peta went in-depth on the first miscarriage she suffered, which happened while she was competing on “Dancing With the Stars.”

Here is what the pro dancer shared with her fans:

Peta Said It Was ‘Traumatic’ & She Felt Like She Had to Keep it a Secret

Peta told the “Infertile AF” host Ali Prato that she became pregnant in the fall of 2020, during season 29 of “Dancing With the Stars” and she experienced several weeks of “pure bliss,” choosing to tell a handful of people. But then tragedy struck when she miscarried and didn’t know how to tell the show.

“I just knew something was wrong and then it happened. It was midseason, I was still dancing, I was still on the show and it was very traumatic, it was awful,” said Peta.

That season, she was paired with NFL player Vernon Davis; they were eliminated on October 19, coming in 11th place.

“I didn’t know how to call ‘Dancing With the Stars’ and tell them. I could say I’m sick, but I didn’t want to lie because they’re gonna check up on me and ask why I’m not there … I didn’t want to tell them, I didn’t want to divulge the information that I had a miscarriage, I wanted to keep it to myself,” said Peta.

She went on to say that she just kept going to the show to participate in group numbers and so forth and it “was dreaful having to put on a happy face” when she was “so utterly sad on the inside.”

“It was hard to mask. A couple of people asked if I was OK during those weeks [because] you know, I wasn’t my normal bubbly self and I put on a show. I danced until the end. I didn’t know how to tell ‘Dancing With the Stars’ that I had a miscarriage,” said the dancer.

Peta Also Kept the Miscarriage a Secret From Her Friends & Family

Obviously, Peta told Maks right away about the miscarriage and he was grieving with her, but she didn’t know how to tell anyone else, so she kept it a secret. Peta said she didn’t want to have to constantly be sad again when she told them she miscarried.

“I kept it a secret while they were still asking me how am I feeling, are you excited? And I would just lie. … I was very ashamed of lying and then I couldn’t even describe how I was going to start the conversation,” said Peta. “I didn’t want to be in a constant sad state having to tell each, every person, so I was trying to find a time when I could tell each couple at a time and just kind of weave it in there and weave it out. … I didn’t know how to say I don’t have a baby anymore.”

When asked about what advice she might have for people who experiencing this kind of loss, Peta said don’t be afraid to feel your feelings.

“Feel what you need to feel and don’t apologize for it,” said the dancer .”If you’re having bad days, have a bad day because along the way, I really tried to not have some bad days … If you need to sit and cry for a whole day, sit and cry for a whole day becuase the next day’s gonna be beautiful and you’re going to be smiling and you can be hopeful. I think just really listen to yourself, listen to your gut and know that you are the best person to make the decisions for you.”

Peta and Maks are currently documenting their IVF journey on Instagram; they have viable embryos now and implantation day is forthcoming, though Peta said in a recent Instagram story that they do not have an exact date yet for implantation.

“Dancing With the Stars” returns for its 31st season this fall on Disney Plus.

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