Pregnant DWTS Pro Peta Murgatroyd Attacked by Fans Over IG Video


Some “Dancing With the Stars” fans took to Peta Murgatroyd’s recent Instagram video to criticize the dancer for working out while pregnant.

Here’s what they were saying:

Peta Murgatroyd Posted a Video of Her Gym Routine & Fans Were Criticizing Her For Being Unsafe For The Baby

In the caption on an Instagram video of herself at the gym, Murgatroyd listed her workout routine:

Come workout with me 💪🏻

As promised here is the workout I did today with @larrywillis89
Warmup: WALK speed 3 incline 9 for 10 minutes.
Leg Press: 12 presses (3 rounds)
1/2 Balance Ball: 1 min (3 rounds)
Rope Climb: 200 feet as fast as you can (3 rounds)
Shoulder Press: 12 presses (3 rounds)
Tricep Press: 12 presses (3 rounds)
Stair Climber: 1 minute take 2 stairs at once extending the back leg, 1 minute of walking every stair, 1 minute take 2 stairs at once extending the back leg. (3 minutes total)
Quad Press: 10 extensions holding a beat at the top (3 rounds)
Inner Thigh Machine: 15 reps (3 rounds)

Try this and I promise you will feel the burn 🔥

Love you guys! Xo
Who’s trying this with me?

In the comments, some fans are concerned that she is going to harm her baby with a workout this intense.

“Be careful what your (sic) doing. You don’t want to have issues again,” wrote one fan, presumably referring to Murgatroyd’s struggles with secondary fertility and miscarriages.

“Take it slow, momma! Don’t overdo it,” wrote a second fan.

A third added, “Be careful. Not to (sic) much.”

“Dont you think a lighter workout would do? Please be careful and do not do too mch. Your intense workout scares me for you just watching it. Please take it easier,” wrote a fourth fan, to which another fan replied, “Me too since she is wanting a baby so bad I would be carful so I would not have a miss carriage.”

“Isn’t this a lot for a pregnant mama?” wrote a fifth fan.

Another fan wrote, “After such a long awaited baby, I hope the pregnancy goes well for you and your body copes with your training regime. Best wishes.”

“Be careful!! Baby On Board,” wrote a seventh fan.

Other Fans Jumped In To Defend the Pregnant Dancer

Murgatroyd has not directly responded to the comments criticizing her workout routine, but in the comments, there were many fans defending the dancer’s choices and saying that she knows her body the best and is surely consulting with her doctor about working out.

“Good for you! Working out is great for you and the baby and makes labor easier!” wrote one fan.

“All the people telling her she shouldn’t workout or she is doing too much needs to stop. She knows she is prego. I’m also pretty sure she knows what she can or can’t do,” wrote another fan.

A third fan added, “Did you seriously just imply to a mother who has suffered loss that her working out could cause loss?! What is wrong with you! There is absolutely no correlation between working out and miscarriage. Actually working out is very beneficial to both baby and mother. It makes for easier labor/delivery and a quicker recovery after. As long as she has permission from her Dr, which she clearly does, there is absolutely nothing wrong with working out all the way through pregnancy. You know nothing about working out while pregnant and it shows.”

“I am in awe of you! As someone past their childbearing years, I would LOVE to be able to do this! Please share what your average workout daily is. You are inspiring!!!” wrote a fourth fan.

“She knows what she’s doing, if she wasn’t allowed to work out her doctor would’ve told her not too,” wrote another fan.

A sixth fan added, “Really surprised by the comments. I’ve seen you perform live, and you are an elite athlete who knows exactly what to do with body. Thanks for sharing your workout.”

Murgatroyd and her husband, fellow “Dancing With the Stars” pro Maksim Chmerkovskiy, are expecting their second child in June 2023. Their son Shai turned 6 in January.

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