DWTS Alum Speaks Out About Legal Proceedings After Daughter’s Tragic Death

Mother and daughter.

Heavy A DWTS alum has spoken out about her family.

A “Dancing With the Stars” alum is speaking out for the first time after contesting her late daughter’s will. Months after Lisa Marie Presley died, Priscilla Presley filed legal documents claiming that she hadn’t received notice of an amendment that was filed prior to her daughter’s death that removed her as a trustee.

This court filing caused rumors of a major rift between Priscilla Presley and her eldest granddaughter, Riley Keough. Now, however, a judge has ruled on the matter and Priscilla Presley is assuring the public that all is well within her family.

“My family has resolved all confusion as it relates to our plea to the court and request for document interpretation after my daughter Lisa Marie’s untimely passing,” Presley told Entertainment Tonight. “Although some media identified such a plea as a lawsuit, I want to make clear that there was never any lawsuit filed against my beloved granddaughter,” she explained.

Heavy has previously contacted a rep for Presley.

Here’s what you need to know:

The Family Is Said to Be ‘Happy’ Following the Resolution

Shortly after news that the contested will court proceedings were resolved, Priscilla Presley’s lawyer said that both sides are happy.

“They have reached a settlement. Families are happy. Everyone is happy. Unified and together and excited for the future,” Ronson Shamoun told reporters, according to People magazine.

Priscilla Presley herself echoed this statement in her own and thanked the public for their support.

“As a family, we are pleased that we resolved this together. My family and I hope that everyone will grant us the privacy we have needed to properly grieve Lisa Marie and spend personal time together. We love and appreciate all of you and the Presley family is stronger than ever,” her statement continued.

Meanwhile, a lawyer for Keough said that his client is happy with the outcome as well. “[Riley] would not have agreed to the settlement if she was not happy with it,” attorney Justin Gold said.

Riley Keough Is Said to Be ‘Relieved’ Following the Court Proceedings

Lisa Marie Presley died on January 12, 2023. At the time, she was found unconscious in her home and was rushed to a nearby hospital where she died hour later.

The Presley family has released a few statements in the time since, but all have remained fairly private as they navigate the unknown. Sources say that the family is ready to move forward.

“Riley is relieved to have settled the dispute over her mom’s estate. She doesn’t want any drama with her grandmother. She was hoping they could reach a settlement quickly,” a source told People magazine.

“Riley is still grieving her mom. It’s been very tough for her. She wants to focus on making memories with her own daughter now. This is her priority,” the source adds.

Lisa Marie Presley is survived by her mother and three kids. She was pre-deceased by her son, Benjamin Keough.

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