DWTS Pro Wonders if They Should Date Their Partner This Season


A “Dancing With the Stars” professional dancer recently talked about possibly dating their partner on the upcoming 31st season of the dancing competition series. Read on to find out why Cheryl Burke is talking about that and what advice her podcast guest gave her on the subject.

Since Burke is Currently in the Middle of Divorcing Her Husband, She Wondered if She Should Date Her ‘Dancing With the Stars’ Partner

On the August 16 episode of her podcast “Burke in the Game,” pro dancer Cheryl Burke asked her guest, former “Bachelor” star and “Dancing With the Stars” contestant Nick Viall, if she should date her “Dancing With the Stars” season 31 partner.

He said, “[Let’s] put it this way — I can see why it’s desireable and fun to do. And I’m guessing you probably have done it already.”

Burke laughed and quipped, “Ha, I’ve only been on like 35 seasons! Definitely all 35 of them, I learned my lesson. It never works.”

She went on to talk about how it has happened many times over the seasons, but the only couple that stuck was Kym Johnson and Robert Herjavec, who are now married and have two children, twins Hudson and Haven.

Viall Cautioned Burke to Be Careful About Mistaking the Dancing Chemistry For Something More

Viall went on to advise her that chemistry can be “manufactured by the environment” of being on “Dancing With the Stars” and she needs to be careful about that.

“Chemistry might be manufactured by the environment, a common connection … so you recognize that being in this environment creates this natural chemistry, so next time you go in, if you do ‘Dancing With the Stars’ and you start feeling chemistry, the first thing you should tell yourself is ‘I don’t know if this is [real].’ Believe it, but I would have some skepticism around it,” advised Viall.

He continued, “I would actively slow it down … set boundaries and not give into the physical aspect because it’s so easy to have that physical chemistry when you’re dancing. But ask them real questions about their past and their history … and listen to their answers. We have a way of ignoring the bad answers and focusing on the good answers.”

She added that the “feeling” of that chemistry and that adrenaline is “just so addicting.”

“I’m a big believer in learning from your past, so your past has told you that it’s easy to connect with people and it might not necessarily be what it actually is, so if you feel it again, just slow it down, ask more questions, really try to know them as a human being,” said Vial.

Burke offered, “Maybe after the season, if we’re still hot and steamy.”

“It could be, for you, good practice to slow down because you know you’re going to feel that natural chemistry, so that way you know to say, ‘Nope, just slow down. I’m gonna slow it down, I’m gonna say no to it,’ and that’s a good way to tell yourself no,” advised Viall.

“Dancing With the Stars” returns for its 31st season on Monday, September 19, on Disney Plus.

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