DWTS Pros Predict Season 30 Finalists & Winner


Two “Dancing With the Stars” pros have weighed in on who they think will win season 30 and which four couples will make the finals. Read on to find out who professional dancers Witney Carson predicts will be the final four couples and who she and pro Cheryl Burke think will win the Mirrorball Trophy this year.

Witney Predicts The Final Four Couples

Dance-Off: Cha Cha – Dancing with the StarsAmanda Kloots & Alan Bersten and Cody Rigsby & Cheryl Burke dance the Cha Cha in the dance-off to “Together Again” by Janet Jackson on Dancing with the Stars Janet Jackson Night! Subscribe: goo.gl/T7bg3N Watch Dancing with the Stars Mondays at 8/7c on ABC and Stream on Hulu!2021-11-09T03:37:28Z

On an episode of Cheryl’s podcast, “Pretty Messed Up: Dancing With Myself,” Cheryl asked Witney who she thinks will make the finals — and Cheryl told Witney to be honest, don’t just say Cheryl and partner Cody Rigsby because she’s on Cheryl’s podcast.

Witney said she “truly” thinks Cheryl and Cody will make the finals, which is interesting because we aren’t so sure about that. But Cody has come on pretty strong in recent weeks, so she may be right — he does have a huge online following and that always helps.

Anyway, here is who Witney predicted will make the finals, saying, “I truly, truly think you guys will. I’m not just saying that because I’m on your podcast. Truly, I think you guys will make it. I think [Amanda Kloots and Alan Bersten] will make it. I think [Iman Shumpert and Daniella Karagach] will make it.”

At this point, Cheryl interjected to praise Iman’s dancing ability, saying, “Isn’t he impressive? He’s so impressive, honestly.”

Witney added, “He has progressed so much. I feel like [Iman and Daniella] will [make the finals] just because he’s so charming and charismatic and so entertaining. His technique isn’t the best, like I would say Cody’s technique is much better, but definitely, the crowd favorite is Iman. So I think he’ll be there, I think Amanda will be there, you guys and then… [JoJo Siwa and Jenna Johnson]. I have you guys as the four finalists.”

That means that Witney thinks the two couples going home in the semi-finals are Melora Hardin and Artem Chigvintsev and Suni Lee and Sasha Farber.

But Who Do They Think Will Win Season 30?

Melora Hardin’s Paso Doble – Dancing with the StarsMelora Hardin and Artem Chigvintsev dance the Paso Doble to “If” by Janet Jackson on Dancing with the Stars Janet Jackson Night! Subscribe: goo.gl/T7bg3N Watch Dancing with the Stars Mondays at 8/7c on ABC and Stream on Hulu!2021-11-09T02:18:24Z

Interestingly, the two professional dancers diverge a little on who is going to win. They both agree that JoJo Siwa might be the “best dancer” and could definitely win, but Cheryl actually thinks Melora Hardin will take the title, while Witney doesn’t even have Melora making it to the finals.

“I think Melora’s the best dancer sometimes. Her technique [is amazing],” said Cheryl.

Witney had to agree to a certain extent, saying, “In frame and technique, she is the best. But performer, maybe not.”

But they both agreed that pro dancer Artem may have “found his match” with Melora.

“I think Artem found his match. You know how Artem is silent but deadly, but in a good way? He loves working on details and she’s all about the details … they probably have really intense rehearsals,” said Cheryl.

Now, what Cheryl might not have seen last week was the video package of Artem and Melora fighting during a particularly intense rehearsal — we aren’t sure where she was during the live show when that aired for the viewers at home. But Witney definitely saw it and said she thought it was “awesome” and “so compelling,” though she does not want something like that to air about her.

“I loved seeing the real stuff in rehearsal, it’s so compelling. It’s awesome. I would never want that to happen to me, but I love watching it. I would never want that to air about me,” said Witney with a laugh.

“Dancing With the Stars” airs Mondays at 8 p.m. Eastern and Pacific times on ABC.

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