‘Dancing With the Stars’: Is The Show Renewed or Canceled For Season 31?

Dancing with the Stars

ABC "Dancing With the Stars"

ABC’s hit ballroom dance competition “Dancing With the Stars” has been around for 30 seasons, with the season finale of season 30 airing on November 22, 2021.

The show will very likely be renewed for another season, but it has not yet been officially announced by ABC. If renewed, season 31 would likely air in the fall of 2022, meaning there is plenty of time for the network to make a decision on the fate of the show.

Read on for more information about “Dancing With the Stars” including ratings and possible renewals or cancelations.

Season 30 Had Low Ratings

For fans of the show hoping for another season, the ratings throughout season 30 bring only bad news.

Some of the episodes of season 30 of “Dancing with the Stars” brought in record low viewership for the program. That’s saying a lot, even if TV ratings are down across the board. The show never beat out its competitors on a Monday night, mostly losing the highest spot of the night to “The Voice” on NBC.

According to TVSeriesFinale, the series drew in over 4 million people each week with a high during the season premiere on September 30, 2021, when 5.466 million people tuned in and a low in the middle of the season on October 12, 2021, when 4.321 million people watched.

When compared to the season before, that’s a record low for “Dancing With the Stars.” The premiere, even with the highest ratings of the season, was still down 32 percent from the prior season, and every episode in season 29 of the show brought in over 5 million viewers with a high for the premiere of over 8 million viewers, according to TVSeriesFinale.

The lowest episode in season 29 when it came to viewership was also in the middle of the season, but the low was 5.4 million viewers, which is over 1 million more than season 30’s low.

A Renewal Is Still Likely

Even with low ratings, it’s likely that “‘Dancing With the Stars” will be renewed for another season, as it’s a huge viewership boost for ABC and still sits at the top of all the network’s programming when it comes to ratings.

Unlike in previous seasons, however, the answer does not seem as clear-cut as it once was for the network. With such low viewership in comparison to previous seasons, it’s possible executives will want more of an overhaul for the show.

According to The Sun, an insider told the outlet that the “talent and not Tyra [Banks]” was the reason for the lower than expected ratings.

“There is a sense that they do not want to make any comments, because they were the ones to bring in Tyra,” the source told the outlet. “And no one wants to lose face saying out loud there are problems. It doesn’t reflect well on the decision. So far the only discussion point about the struggles has been the talent pool this year, which has not appealed to audiences – and nothing to do with Tyra.”

“Dancing With the Stars” airs on Mondays at 8 p.m. Eastern (live) and Pacific (recorded) on ABC.

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Tara Healy
Tara Healy
1 year ago

Please don’t cancel season 31 dwts I love that show please get rid of trya banks she is ruing the show I watch every season and bescecse trya banks is the host it going to go just get rid of her she so rude to the dancers to so rude at saying Suni lee had to go to the bathroom and I hope that the instead of texting to vote that they go back to where you can call in the vote what if you didn’t have texting and they need to give the announcement of the winner at the end more times and I. Sure hope Shasha. Has someone he can win season 31 he is long overdue to win

Marilyn Feliciano
Marilyn Feliciano
1 year ago

I sure hope DWTS isn’t canceled. It happens to be one of the best family shows. When the show started, I remember my daughter, granddaughter and myself having our DWTS date night. It was wonderful. What were they thinking getting rid of Tom? Tyra is not the best replacement for sure. I think the ratings have gone down because of Tyra, not the quality of dancing! Someone posted that she’s been a judge and reality host. They forgot, she also hosted AGT. That was short lived! Please, please get rid of Tyra! Personally, I don’t care about her personal life and if she changes outfits throughout the show. Tyra, STOP IT PLEASE, QUIT ALREADY GET OUT! If you want a show to decline, hire Tyra Banks! Go back to your roots, where the best dancer usually wins. This year for sure has been a popularity contest.

Michael Fascianella
Michael Fascianella
1 year ago

You want higher ratings…GET RID OF TYRA!!!
Don’t blame the pro’s for the low rating when we all know that it’s Tyra.. no one likes her, she is a terrible host!
And bring back the DANCING…90 seconds is not enough..too much talk, too much back
Story, way to many commercials…

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