Kym & Robert Herjavec Share Exciting News

Robert and Kym Herjavec.

Heavy/Getty Robert and Kym Herjavec shared exciting news with fans.

Kym Herjavec and her husband, Robert Herjavec, have exciting news to share with fans. On April 13, 2023, “Dancing With the Stars” competitor Robert Herjavec announced that he will be joining the cast of “Shark Tank Australia.”

“Ready to make a splash in the business world? Jump into the deep end and pitch your business to the sharks,” he captioned a video of the teaser trailer.

The next day, Kym Herjavec shared the same video and added her own caption. “I’m so excited Australia will get to know my incredible Husband,” she wrote.

Robert will appear alongside Sabri Suby, founder of KingKong Digital Marketing Agency; Jane Lu, CEO of Showpo; Dr. Catriona Wallace, founder of the Responsible Metaverse Alliance; and Davie Fogarty, founder of The Oodie. The show is in the casting stages, but filming is expected to begin in 2023.

Here’s what you need to know:

Fans Reacted to the News on Instagram

Many people seem excited for Robert Herjavec’s latest business venture and expressed such in the comments section of his and his wife’s Instagram posts.

“Australia is so lucky,” wrote Robert Herjavec’s “Shark Tank” co-star, Barbara Corcoran.

“Your hard work and effort always pays off. A success well served an occasion worth celebrating,” someone else said.

“Success breeds Success,” a third comment read.

“Love you and your family Robert,” a fourth Instagram user added.

Robert joined the U.S. version of “Shark Tank” in season 1, which debuted in 2009. He’s been on the show full-time for a total of 14 seasons. He has not announced any plans to leave the U.S. version of the program.

“Robert helps entrepreneurs achieve their business and personal goals by bringing a wealth of passion, experience and knowledge to the table. From apparel, to nutrition, to functional design, Robert is an investor in an ever-growing portfolio of businesses,” reads an excerpt from his website.

Kym & Robert Herjavec Have Been Spending Time in Australia

When Kym and Robert Herjavec got married in 2016, they settled into their new lives, eventually welcoming their twins, Haven and Hudson, in 2018. As the kids have gotten older, the family has traveled all over the world but always seems to settle back into their normal lives in Toronto. The family moved to Canada, where Robert has citizenship, from Los Angeles in 2022, according to a September 2022 story in The Toronto Star.

Kym Herjavec left DWTS in 2016, according to Entertainment Tonight.

In recent months, however, the Herjavec family has been living in Australia. And, during an interview with Australia’s “The Morning Show,” in February 2023, Kym teased a move back to her home country. She is a native of Sydney.

“There’s no place like home and I’d love to be back here permanently, it’s just the best. My husband does love it, so we’ll see,” she explained, adding, “I miss home, I do. My whole family’s here, my great girlfriends are here.”

Now that Robert Herjavec landed a job Down Under, it seems likely that the Herjavecs will be spending even more time in Australia, though it’s unclear if they plan to move there full-time.

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