Sadie Robertson Did the Cutest Gender Reveal For Her New Baby


“Dancing With the Stars” runner-up Sadie Robertson announced at the beginning of November that she and her husband Christian Huff are expecting their second child. Then a couple of weeks later, they did the cutest gender reveal for themselves and their family.

Watch below:

Christian Huff Hit a Baseball That Would Either Explode Into Blue or Pink Powder

For the gender reveal, Robertson and Huff invited their loved ones over and asked them to choose “Team Boy” or “Team Girl” pins, then Huff stepped up to the plate and Robertson pitched him a baseball that exploded into the color indicating the sex of their baby.

In the video, Huff admitted that he was absolutely sure it was another girl, while most people in attendance thought it would be a boy.

“Alright, I’m here with my bat, with my field, I got my pink shirt from Honey’s gender reveal and my pink shoes from it. Definitely gonna be a girl. Everyone here is Team Boy, but it’s definitely gonna be a girl. I got my pink gum as well, Big League Chew. Super exciting. Don’t know what’s gonna happen, so we’ll see,” said Huff.

The wind up, the pitch, and… the baseball exploded into a cloud of pink powder. The couple also had a cake made that was pink inside, but the big moment was definitely Huff crushing that baseball as onlookers exclaimed in excitement.

So their daughter Honey James, who was born on May 11, 2021, will now have a little sister to play with — and they will have birthdays that are very close together. When Robertson announced her second pregnancy on Instagram, she added in her stories, “Surprise! Another little May baby on the way.”

Robertson Also Recently Surprised Her ‘Dancing With the Stars’ Partner Mark Ballas

In between all the exciting pregnancy and gender reveal news, Robertson visited her old “Dancing With the Stars” stomping grounds because her season 19 partner, Mark Ballas, returned to the show for season 31 in 2022, which was his first season since season 25 in 2017.

Robertson posted a photo of them backstage together, plus a photo of her with Ballas and his partner Charli D’Amelio and also one of her and her season 19 castmate Alfonso Ribeiro. In the caption, she wrote that seeing Ballas and Ribeiro filled her heart “with so much joy!”

“What a night! It was seriously so fun to be back in the ballroom and getting to see so many people that I love! The best memories!” wrote Robertson. “Also, seeing Mark and Alfonso do their thing just filled my heart with so much joy! SO MUCH UNBELIEVABLE TALENT! GO FRIENDS GO! Cheering on @markballas & @charlidamelio all the way! Finals are next Monday so make sure you vote!”

Robertson must not have told Ballas she was coming because in the comments on the post, he called it “the best surprise.”

Also in the comments, Alfonso’s wife Angela Ribeiro and Ballas’ partner Charli D’Amelio both left heart emojis and Robertson’s mom Korie wrote, “Such fun memories! Love you @markballas and always rooting you on!”

“Dancing With the Stars” returns for its 32nd season in 2023. There is no official word from Ballas on if he’ll return, but he did tell Us Weekly in an interview following his season 31 win that while he’s not ruling it out, right in the moment after winning, he can’t “fathom” putting his body through another season of the show.

“I don’t know [if I’m coming back]. You know the older I get, I try to stay very present in the moment, you know, and I think that was like a big part of creating these dances,” said Ballas, adding, “So, right now I’m in this moment with Charli and … my body couldn’t even fathom a thought of doing this [in] six months, so I’ll let you know down the line.”

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