Fans React After DWTS Runner-Up Shares Controversial Photo of Family Dog

DWTS Mirrorball Trophy

ABC DWTS Mirrorball Trophy.

A “Dancing With the Stars” alum is causing some controversy on Instagram after sharing a photo of her dog.

Sadie Robertson took to her Instagram feed to share a post in honor of the Fourth of July. The “Duck Dynasty” star posted a photo of her with her daughter Honey and another pic of the family’s dog, Cabo, who was dyed red and blue in honor of America’s birthday.

“HAPPY 4th WEEKEND,” Robertson captioned her post, adding the American flag emoji. While many people in the comments section focused on the first photo in the post and let Robertson know just how cute they thought Honey looked, others were very upset that Robertson and her husband Christian Huff dyed their dog’s hair for the occasion.

Here’s what you need to know:

Robertson Was Slammed After Sharing a Photo of Her Dog With Hair Dye Covering Her Body

In the second photo of Robertson’s post, her poodle had red dye covering her face and front paws and blue dye over her backside, effectively making her red, white, and blue.

“We love our dog and she loves this country,” Huff wrote in the comments section of the post. More than 700 people liked Huff’s comment, but several of Robertson’s followers didn’t agree with the couple’s decision to dye Cabo’s hair — and they sounded off in the comments.

“Someone should call PETA!!” one comment read.

“That poor dog,” someone else wrote. There were many other comments that said this same thing.

“This is wrong!” a third person said.

“Shouldn’t do that to the pup,” read another comment.

“Not nice to paint dogs,” a fifth Instagram user added.

Meanwhile, a handful of people defended Robertson and Huff, saying that dyeing a dog’s hair is completely safe.

“Dying the dogs fur is just like putting temporary color in human hair. I think it is fun! It doesn’t hurt us and it doesn’t hurt them. Especially using products that’s aren’t harsh on hair. They dog is adorable and the dog is fine! adorable pictures!! I’m sure Sadie is not an animal abuser so let’s be mindful of that and not get after her,” one person wrote.

Robertson Previously Showed off Cabo’s Pink Look

July 4th wasn’t the first time that Robertson dyed her pup’s hair. In fact, on April 27, 2022, she shared another pic of Cabo, this time with pink paws, a pink tail, and pink ears.

“On Wednesday we wear pink … even Cabo gets it,” Robertson captioned the snap, making a “Mean Girls” reference.

The comments section on that post is filled with nice messages and people saying how cute Cabo looked. Her pink dye job was far less noticeable and didn’t cover her face, which could be why most people seemed to approve.

“Oh my gosh!! So cute! I need to do this with my dog,” one person commented.

“Cotton Candy Cabo,” someone else added.

“Pink is one of my favorite colors,” a third Instagram user said.

“Oh my gosh I love this so much!!!” another comment read.

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