DWTS Semi-Finalist Has Scary Experience on Family Trip: ‘We Heard Gun Shots’

Lights in a crowd.

Getty Images A DWTS alum heard gunshots outside her hotel room.

A “Dancing With the Stars” semi-finalist is on vacation with her family in Oslo, Norway, and shared a very scary experience with her Instagram followers.

Sadie Robertson and her husband Christian Huff were woken up from their sleep when they heard gunshots outside of their hotel room.

“Honestly, it’s been wild! I don’t know how to put words into a caption for all that we have experienced being here. It was a historic day in Oslo, Norway yesterday for light and for darkness,” Robertson captioned an Instagram post on June 26, 2022.

“We heard Gun shots from our hotel room at 1 am and woke up to find out the tragic news of a shooting at a bar outside of our hotel. 2 died and 18 were injured. we mourn with, and for those who mourn. our prayers have been with y’all. That will be a historic moment for them of darkness,” she added. She and her family, including her 1-year-old daughter Honey, are okay.

Here’s what you need to know:

Robertson & Her Family Attended a Historic Event in Norway

After being woken up by gunshots, Robertson said that she and her family joined in on a historical event.

In her Instagram caption, Robertson wrote that they were “a part of the largest christian gathering in Norway in over 30 years.” The event is called “The Send” and is described as a way to call this generation to “radical discipleship to Jesus” by way of ministry, according to the event’s website.

Robertson was a speaker at the event, according to another Instagram share.

“Lives changed, people healed, and hope found. A historic day for light. It was wild to live in the midst of both. To see both so starkly side by side,” she shared. Robertson admitted that it was hard to put the experience into words, so she quoted “Wonder Woman” in a subsequent paragraph.

At the end of her lengthy caption, Robertson said that she plans to “preach” about love, hope, light and darkness.

Robertson & Her Husband Were Stung by Jellyfish

Robertson and Huff’s trip to Europe was filled with ups and downs. They got to enjoy some time hanging out by the water and even went for a swim. However, while in the ocean, Robertson said that they got “stung by jelly fish.”

“Honestly one of the coolest experiences! hot hot sauna to freezing cold ocean! we got stung by jelly fish but it’s kind of epic because they are Norwegian jelly fish,” she captioned an Instagram post that contained several pics from the trip.

Robertson didn’t seem too concerned with the jellyfish stings, however, and was all smiles in the photos and remained in good spirits, as evidenced by the post’s caption.

On June 27, 2022, Robertson shared a photo of her and her daughter wearing matching outfits while standing on a sidewalk.

“ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD WITH YOU HAS MY HEART !!!” she captioned the sweet snap. Several fans took to the comments section of the post to let Robertson know how “precious” and “adorable” the special moment between a mom and her baby was.

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