DWTS Fans Call for Voting Overhaul, Accuse Pro Sasha Farber of Promoting ‘Cheating’

Sasha Farber DWTS

ABC Suni Lee and Sasha Farber

Some fans of ABC‘s hit ballroom dance competition “Dancing With the Stars” are calling out professional dancer Sasha Farber for sharing an Instagram post that encouraged viewers to game the system and vote more times than they are supposed to be able to.

The post, which was shared on Farber’s Instagram stories and later screenshotted and posted on Reddit, instructed viewers to create multiple ABC accounts with the same email address by adding a “+” and a number right before the “@” sign in the email address.

Users are only allowed to vote 10 times per couple per voting method, per the ABC rules. That means that creating multiple accounts in this way is against the rules.

Some Fans Say Sharing the Post Is Like ‘Cheating’

Fans took to the replies on the Reddit thread to call out Farber.

“Fans doing this is one thing – fair game, I guess, to exploit any loopholes in your favor. but for a coach/contestant to put this out there it kind of makes it official and just starts an escalating war where now everyone has to do it,” one user replied.

Another commented that it wouldn’t matter if fans were doing that anyway.

“Someone on here mentioned that a producer once said that if the system/agency sees a massive amount of votes coming from one IP address, they’ll void the votes. So it may eliminate the ‘legal’ votes as well as the ones from making 20 email addresses,” they wrote.

Others called for viewers to call out the issue with ABC.

“Very tacky for pros to promote cheating, especially since many of them have big platforms,” one person wrote. “If the pros or celebs start doing it, it will skew the competition greatly. For example, Lindsay and Witney both have over a million followers. JoJo has 11 million followers. Imagine if they were to actively teach their millions of followers how to cheat. Not cool.”

Others commented to say they didn’t think votes from fans really mattered.

“I think the fan voting is a sham anyways, the producers watch who pulls in viewers and tell the judges who to keep/let go,” one wrote.

Other Fans Called Out the Elimination Process

After Disney Week on “Dancing With the Stars” season 30, two couples were eliminated. First, Sharna Burgess and partner Brian Austin Green were sent home. Then, the bottom two couples above them (couples in second-to-last and third-to-last) were identified and up for saving by the judges. Those couples were Kenya Moore and Brandon Armstrong and Matt James and Lindsay Arnold.

When two of the judges chose to save James and Arnold and one chose to save Moore and Brandon, fans thought that was it for Moore and Brandon; however, judge Len Goodman had the final say, meaning Moore and Brandon ended up staying in the competition. A full explanation of the process is here.

“What’s the point of having us vote if Len has the final say anyways??? That was not a tie breaker! Len had no respect for Matt since the beginning and tonight it showed,” one person tweeted.

The process, overall, confused fans and led to some to call for voting to stop altogether or be more important in the grand scheme of things.

“Dancing With the Stars” airs on Mondays at 8 p.m. Eastern time on ABC.

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Sheri Moffat
Sheri Moffat
1 year ago

Been like that for as long as I can remember. Also getting friends who don’t watch to call-in votes and vote on the various sites. That’s how a lot of the crappy dancers end up getting to the finals or winning. They pad the voting with friends and family and yes, they encourage their fans to also. Although, not on the show itself. When I followed online forums and groups about this show, I saw phone numbers for the couples and links to voting posted a everywhere, with encouragement to get their friends, and their friends, and their friends…to vote.

Haley Witt
Haley Witt
1 year ago

people need to get a hobby its a dance show not that serious. half the people mad probably cheat too

Elaine House
Elaine House
1 year ago

Of course he’s cheating the whole show is scripted

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