Sasha Farber Reacts to Simone Biles’ Olympic Withdrawal

Sasha Farber

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Olympic gymnast Simone Biles brought in her former “Dancing With the Stars” partner, Sasha Farber, to help choreograph her 2021 Olympic floor routine. After the athlete withdrew from the team competition, Farber spoke up in support of his former partner and friend.

During an episode of her Facebook Watch series ahead of the start of the Olympics, Simone Biles shared the reason she went with Sasha Farber for the 2021 Olympics.

“Usually, I have a different choreographer, but this year I feel like we needed to be a little bit different -spice it up,” Biles shared during the episode. “Even whenever I worked with Sasha on ‘Dancing With the Stars,’ we always said, ‘Oh my gosh, if we could do a floor routine, how cool would that be?’”

Farber is credited with choreographing Biles’ floor routine, which she debuted during the U.S. Classic ahead of the rescheduled Olympics, according to Sports Illustrated. The floor routine received a 14.250 score because of the high level of difficulty in the routine, and it was the best score of the competition.

Farber Has Nothing But Love for Biles

According to Entertainment Tonight, who spoke exclusively with Farber, he supports and loves Biles and respects her decision.

“I feel so much for her,” he told the outlet. “It was weird because I couldn’t believe it at first, but at the same time, I’ve never been to an Olympics, so I don’t know [what it’s like.] The pressure must be out of this world. Not only that, she’s literally holding all of America on her shoulders.”

He added, “For this 24-year-old to be in that position… she is a phenomenal gymnast, everyone knows. But it just proves that you don’t know what’s going on inside of the other person sometimes, no matter how strong they look. So I really feel for her, but I know she’s going to get through this.”

He also said he knows Biles is close with her family and doesn’t have a support system there with her at the Olympics, according to ET.

“But I know that all of America is definitely behind her,” he shared. “She is such a hard worker. I remember being in the gym with her, we had so much fun. But this just proves she’s human.”

Farber Had Fun Choreographing Biles’ Floor Routine

Farber posted on Instagram on April 28, 2021, to document that he was with Biles and working on her routine.

“What a fun trip, love our laughs and jokes,” he wrote. “So much fun working with this one!! I’m SO EXCITED FOR @simonebiles she is on [fire]. What she can do with her body is out of this world, how much power she has is just not possible for a human.”

He added, “I literally watched her fly in the air, she is not human!! Her drive and dedication is out of this world. She just keeps getting better and better!! I’m literally going to be in the audience holding the biggest sign for you with the biggest smile on my face. Love ya Simz! #family #goat.”

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