DWTS Season 31 Couple Battling Injuries

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One “Dancing With the Stars” couple has a tough road ahead as they are battling injuries already in season 31. Read on to find out what happened to professional dancer Cheryl Burke and “Good Morning America” meteorologist Sam Champion in their quest to compete on the dancing competition series.

Burke Said She Twisted Her Ankle & Sam’s Hip Has Been Bothering Him

On her podcast “Burke in the Game” on the day of the season 31 premiere, which was last Monday, September 19, Burke revealed that she and Champion are doing their best, but they are both dealing with some issues.

“I may have kind of twisted my ankle a little bit, but that’s better than me falling on my head that one time with AJ. Love you, AJ!” quipped the dancer, referring to her season 29 partner A.J. McLean.

She went on to praise Champion for how hard he’s working, but said he may have pushed himself too hard.

“Sam also has been working so hard and too hard, I think, and really pushing his body that he’s a little bit injured. His right hip is bothering him and I have told him, this is not an ad, to get a Thera-gun because this is what has saved my life. This is the reason why I’ve done 26 seasons is because of that damn Thera-gun. It is amazing. It relieves a lot of scar tissue.”

Burke Also Said Champion Has to Get Out of His Head

She continued by adding that she’s asking a lot of Champion — all the pros are asking a lot of their partners this early on. But all the contestants have to trust the process and get out of their own heads.

Burke said:

At the end of the day, there’s only so much you can do. … when it comes to something like ballroom dancing, something that he’s never done before, it’s important to develop a trust and I’m asking for this probably very soon in the game when it’s not natural. However, like I said earlier, we do have a leg up because we’re friends, so it’s not like we’ve never interracted before. It’s not like we’ve never spent time together before, but this is different.

As soon as you get heady, which I mean like as soon as you’re like, “Oh my god, what’s my step,” that ego gets in the way, I like to call it. Or “the thinking mind,” it will take youd own so far and so fast, you won’t know what slapped you across the face. And as soon as Sam just trusts me and lets me helps me help him, he can get through the routine, I know he can. But this takes time. This is inner work, this is deeper than ballroom dancing. You gotta trust the process.

She finished by urging their fans to keep voting for them, saying, “[Sam is] so worried about messing up, he’s so worried about what the next step is. Sometimes you just gotta let it go, surrender. Surrender to this process. I know we’ll get there, we just need to get there and that’s where you guys come in.”

“Dancing With the Stars” airs Monday nights at 8 p.m. Eastern/5 p.m. Pacific time on Disney Plus.

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