Fan Favorite DWTS Alum Sometimes ‘Can’t Eat for Days’ as She Battles Disease

'Dancing with the Stars' cast

ABC The season 31 cast of "Dancing with the Stars."

Season 31 of “Dancing with the Stars” included Selma Blair, who has acted in dozens of television and movie roles throughout her multi-decade career. Many fans would likely share that they remember Blair best for her role in the 1999 movie “Cruel Intentions,” or for the two years she played Kate Wales on “Anger Management.” However, a lot has changed in her life since playing her most memorable parts.

In 2018, Blair revealed in an Instagram post that doctors had diagnosed her with multiple sclerosis. In an interview with Vogue UK for their May issue, she revealed she had actually battled symptoms of the disease almost her entire life. Before she finally learned what was causing her numerous symptoms, Blair considered suicide. In fact, she admitted, she had even attempted several times. She has come a long way since then, but the “DWTS” fan-favorite former contestant detailed that day-to-day life is still quite difficult at times.

Here’s what you need to know:

Selma Blair Is Currently in Remission

Blair told Vogue UK that while her condition fluctuates, her multiple sclerosis has been in remission for several years. On days where she pushes too hard and finds herself experiencing bad days, she finds herself weak, vomiting, and stuck in bed. Good days, however, allow her to spend time with friends out of the house. Sleep is a treasured asset, Blair detailed, and she admitted, “I require more sleep than a bear in winter.” She has learned a great deal about how to navigate his chronic illness, although she still finds herself overwhelmed at times. Sometimes, “I can be sat on the couch and then I wake up. I’ve passed out and have no idea where I am,” Blair acknowledged.

The “Dancing with the Stars” veteran has realized she always needs quick access to fresh air, which means having a hotel room with a terrace when she travels. Frequent challenges with anxiety and breathing issues make that type of access a necessity, rather than a preference. She has a service dog, Scout, and her son, Arthur, helps her navigate the world with multiple sclerosis too. Blair added that she and her son have been working on learning sign language together, and he has become accustomed to the way her life needs to be lived these days. Although she has routines that work well for her much of the time, she still has her struggles. “Sometimes I can’t eat for days, and then when I can relax I overdo it and all the hunger rushes in,” Blair explained.

Blair Is Determined to Make Her Mark

In addition to competing on “Dancing with the Stars” in 2022, Blair has pushed hard via other avenues to recreate her career post-diagnosis. She has done both a documentary, “Introducing, Selma Blair,” and released a book, “Mean Baby,” as well as worked to create a line of adaptive beauty products with Guide Beauty. Advocacy has become a significant part of her life as well. For example, as the Daily Mail noted, Blair will appear alongside many A-list celebrities at the Los Angeles Race to Erase MS Gala in June. 2023 marks the 30th year of the annual event, which has raised more than $50 million to support its mission.

Blair appreciates the ability to get out with friends, but considers her home with Arthur and their animals her “retreat.” Her low-key life at home may not look like what many would guess, though. “I stay inside on sunny days if I can,” Blair detailed. “The sun is my kryptonite: it still triggers extreme weakness and lethargy.” Evenings, however, are different. “I come alive” at night, Blair explained, although she admitted she does not have much of a social nightlife.

In addition to spending time with her son, Blair prioritizes and enjoys “the peaceful hours” and considers walking her dog one of her main joys. She is open to the possibility of finding love again, but she noted she “won’t compromise anymore.” She “is happy with what I have, but open to more one day.” Blair has not felt it was the right time, as of yet, to pursue new acting work. However, she believes “it’s absolutely doable for me. I have to take the leap.”