DWTS Pro Sharna Burgess Talks Baby Names

ABC Sharna Burgess and Brian Austin Green

“Dancing With the Stars” professional dancer Sharna Burgess is due with her first child in early July. So, what are she and her season 30 partner and boyfriend Brian Austin Green planning on naming little “Peanut,” as they affectionately refer to their pending bundle of joy?

Sharna Said They Have to See What the Baby ‘Feels Like’

DWTS Sharna Burgess On Brian Austin Green & Why She Was Afraid To Tell Him She Was PregnantDWTS Sharna Burgess On Brian Austin Green & She Told Him About Her Pregnancy youtu.be/t2VPTkvJIDw Check out More UsWeekly News: youtube.com/playlist?list=PLVmogfA5HIGl1fyxw8xWqsYajBhJNH169 DWTS Sharna Burgess On Future Kids, Brian Austin Green Chemistry, & Judges This Season vs The Past youtu.be/keox11xuQh8 Sharna Burgess On Having Kids With Brian Austin Green In The Future youtu.be/DB-zeI81cqQ DWTS Jenna Johnson…2022-03-25T22:17:03Z

In an interview with Us Weekly, Sharna revealed that they have talked about a lot of names so far and are “definitely not locked in on anything.”

“We’ve thought of a lot of names. We even just brought up a new name a couple of days ago. We have definitely not locked in on anything,” said the dancer.

Brian has four sons — Kassius, 20, from his relationship with actress Vanessa Marcil, and Noah, 9, Bodhi, 8, and Journey, 5, from his marriage to actress Megan Fox. There isn’t really a theme with their names and Sharna said that they are considering names that run the gamut of styles.

“Some are really different and cool, some are kind of creative and artsy, some are just really strong, some are traditional. We have no idea. I don’t know what he feels like yet, until he’s here,” she revealed.

Sharna Also Revealed Her Delivery Plan

When asked if she would be doing a home birth, Sharna said definitely not. She’s 37 and that is considered “older” for a woman giving birth, so she wants to be in a hospital just in case anything goes wrong.

“Oh no, I’ll be in a hospital with all the machines and all the doctors and everything that can possibly — at the end of the day, I’m [37]. I remember when I went in for our first ultrasound and our doctor said to me, ‘You know, you’re considered a geriatric pregnancy.’ And I was like, ‘Never speak those words again to me, ever. A geriatric pregnancy is devastating, what do you mean?!’ But because of my age … I don’t want to take the risk of not being near modern medicine and all the help if there is something I need,” said Sharna.

She went on to say that hopes not to have a Caesarian section, but she is definitely not shying away from pain medication. She’s “open” to trying it without pain meds, but she wants the option.

“We will be in the hospital with our doctor planning on a vaginal birth … not natural in a sense of I don’t want any of the epidural or the help with the pain. I am open to it, but I wanna do more research and be open to trying to do it myself, but I’m also not opposed to if it gets too much, having access to it, I guess,” said Sharna.

Finally, she said she’s “not prepared” yet, but “is anyone ever prepared?”

Sharna turned 37 on June 21 and at the time, she wrote a lengthy Instagram post reflecting on how much her life has changed in the past few years.

“I reflected on my last 5 years today. From an emotional rock bottom, to beginning my journey of seeing and knowing myself, of loving myself and knowing what I want and need. To today… having everything I’ve ever dreamed and more. Life, this life I’m living, who it’s with and the life growing inside me was always there waiting for me, waiting for me to be ready for it,” wrote Sharna.

She added, “Trust the divine timing of life. Everything happens as it is meant to. Every choice, every fall and every triumph. Every heartache and every blessing. I wouldn’t change a single thing about my 37 years on this planet. The good bad and ugly all lead me right here, To true wholehearted joy and unconditional love. I have everything I need, and yet I know there is so much more to come.”

Sharna and Brian are due to welcome their baby boy in just over a week, on Monday, July 4.

“Dancing With the Stars” returns for its 31st season in fall 2022 on Disney Plus.

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Callie Swendsen
Callie Swendsen
1 month ago

I’m very happy for Brian and Sharna.

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