Find Out How Sharna Burgess & Brian Austin Green Almost Didn’t Have a First Date

Sharna Burgess and Brian Austin Green

ABC, Getty Sharna Burgess and Brian Austin Green

Dancing With the Stars pro Sharna Burgess was all smiles recently in an interview with Australia’s Morning Show with Larry Emdur and Kylie Gillies when the co-hosts asked her about her new relationship with actor Brian Austin Green.

Burgess had nothing but good things to say, including when she talked about Green’s co-parenting situation with his soon-to-be ex-wife Megan Fox.

Here is what Burgess told the talk show.

She Thinks Green and Fox Are ‘Doing a Great Job’

Burgess praised Green as a father and said that she thinks he and his ex are “doing a great job” navigating this tricky situation.

“He’s a wonderful dad … he and his wife, ex-wife [Megan Fox], have raised three beautiful children and they are so wonderful and sweet and kind and considerate. They’ve done such an amazing job and I think they’re doing a great job at managing their situation,” said Burgess.

She added that she is “grateful” to be a part of the family and that she has found a good way to be able “to fit into it.” Burgess recently took a trip to Big Bear ski resort with Green and his three younger sons.

Fox and Green split in April 2020 and Fox filed for divorce in November. The divorce is not yet finalized so technically they are still married, hence the confusion around “wife” or “ex-wife.”

An insider recently told E! that Fox just wants “to wrap [the divorce] up and get it finished as quickly as possible,” but the source said that Green is “not exactly working with her on that.”

“Brian is definitely not making it easy or doing things quickly,” the source claimed.

Fox and Green were married for nearly a decade and together for almost 16 years; they began dating in 2004. They have three sons together — Noah, 8, Bodhi, 7, and Journey, 4. Green also has a son named Kassius, 18, from his previous relationship with Vanessa Marcil.

Burgess Didn’t Know Who Green Was When They Were Set Up

In a recent Instagram video, the two told their fans how they met and Burgess laughingly revealed that she had no idea who he was at first, which he lovingly joked was “a good start” to the relationship.

Burgess said that their mutual business manager said that she really needed Burgess to meet someone — “‘I know that he’s ready to meet someone new and whatnot and I feel like I get the same energy from the two of you and I think you need to meet,'” said their business manager.

When Burgess asked who it was, the manager said Brian Austin Green, and Burgess was like, “Cool, who’s that?”

Eventually, it clicked that he was from Beverly Hills 90210 and Burgess agreed to “humor” her business manager and “go with it,” so they agreed to meet for coffee — but Burgess arrived an entire day early. They were supposed to meet on Friday morning, but…

“She was there on Thursday and she texts me, ‘Oh, I’m at the back table, I’m wearing a black jacket, you can’t miss me,'” said Green with a laugh.

So on the actual day of the date, he jokingly texted her a reminder that they were having coffee that day and she said, “He’s a smartass, this is a good sign, I like it.”

But they met up and hit it off so completely that they lost an entire day.

“We sat down at Peddler’s Fork for breakfast and we lost time. Four and a half hours went by, I nearly missed my COVID test at CBS for Dancing With the Stars, he had a meeting he had to get to and we were like, ‘Wait a second, where did time go?!'” revealed Burgess.

In case you’re wondering, DWTS films at the CBS Studios lot even though it airs on ABC. That’s what that comment meant. Anyway, Burgess said that they just met up and talked for the first four times they got together, which was really nice.

“We took it slow in getting to know each other and that’s A) thanks to COVID, but I think also B) being in that place in life where you want to get to know the human and that’s what it’s about, so we just showed each other who we were. It was really cool. Turns out he’s an OK guy. I’m kind of into him,” she said.

Dancing With the Stars will hopefully return with season 30 in 2021. ABC has not yet officially announced a renewal and premiere date.

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