DWTS Pro Sharna Burgess Calls Out Comedian Chris Rock for ‘Bad’ Joke

Sharna Burgess

Getty Sharna Burgess

Sharna Burgess, professional dancer on ABC’sDancing With the Stars,” called out Chris Rock for a joke he made at the Academy Awards at the expense of Jada Pinkett-Smith.

The joke referred to the fact that Pinkett-Smith shaves her head because she has alopecia, which is a condition that can cause hair loss. Rock joked that she would be making the movie “G.I. Jane II.” Pinkett-Smith did not seem to appreciate the joke, and her husband, Will Smith, took the stage and hit Rock in the face. The video has circulated online.

Burgess called out Rock for the joke and called Smith’s move “bada**” in an Instagram Story.

Burgess Apologized for Her Take

Burgess took to her Instagram Story to talk about the drama on March 27, 2022.

“To be clear I’m not saying it was right…,” Burgess wrote on one slide. “Violence never is. What I saw was when he saw his wife’s face and she was hurt by the bad tasting joke… he reacted. Exploded may be the better word.”

She added, “Anyway I’m also a pregnant woman that’s crying at everyone’s acceptance speeches so … ignore me lol.”

She previously shared and deleted a slide calling Smith’s move “bada**” and saying that he “made history” for defending his wife.

Burgess Said She Used a ‘Terrible Choice of Words’

In the next slide, Burgess shared an apology to anyone that she’d offended.

“Ok redoing this because I ABSOLUTELY see how 1) calling this bada** is a terrible choice of words,” she wrote. “2) the slide where I said Violence is never the answer was after that and It should have been first. Allow me to do again no longer in shock and half believing it was staged…”

She added, “Defending his wife on a matter that clearly hurt her IS bada**. HOW he defended her was not. And he knows that I’m sure. And… now his moment that he has probably wanted his whole life.. winning an Oscar.. is tied in with assault. And an acceptance speech that I’ms sure wasn’t what he dreamed out saying when he thought of this moment.”

She said that Rock could also press charges for assault if he wanted to, though Rock declined to do so, according to CNN.

Burgess also praised Pinkett-Smith while calling out Rock.

“Chris Rock’s making fun of a woman who has worked to embrace herself and been incredibly brave and vulnerable in sharing her story was absolute bullsh**. A joke that claims she has lost her femininity because of something she cannot control. Because of a shaved head,” she wrote.

Burgess is not the only “Dancing With the Stars” professional who spoke up about the matter. Peta Murgatroyd called out Will Smith in particular for his behavior.

“I gotta say… unless this was staged (it didn’t look like it)… there were other ways to handle this. My god. This is WILD!!!! It ruined the rest of the show, and now the only thing people will remember about these Oscars is this altercation,” Murgatroyd shared in her story, adding that she did understand why Smith attacked Rock.

She added, “On the flip side, I am all for Will Smith standing up for his wife. I think the reason is VALID, however, this was not it. What Chris said was wrong. You should never make a joke about someone losing their hair due to illness.”

“Dancing With the Stars” has not yet been renewed for season 31. If it does get renewed, the show will return sometime in mid-September 2022.

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