DWTS Pro Mourns Father’s Death


“Dancing With the Stars” professional dancer Sharna Burgess took to social media on Monday, January 31, to share that she is mourning the death of her father, Raymond, at the age of 72.

Sharna Wrote ‘Journey Well, Dad’

In an Instagram post, Sharna posted a broken heart emoji and said that she would never be able to find the right words to honor her father, so she quoted “The Chronicles of Narnia” author C.S. Lewis instead.

Sharna wrote:

I’ll never be able to find the right words to do this justice so I’ll use the words of someone else.

“There are far better things ahead than those we leave behind” C.S Lewis

I hope with all my heart this is true for you. Journey well Dad, may you go with Spirit, courage and love onto your next. Thank you, I love you, I miss you.

Raymond Eric Burgess 🤍
5/15/1949 – 1/28/2022

The post also featured a series of photos of Sharna with her father as a little girl. There is no word on the cause of death.

Sharna, a native of Australia, saw her parents in December 2021 for the first time since the pandemic shut down a lot of international travel, writing in an Instagram video, “After almost 2 years, I finally get to see my parents.” They also got to meet her new boyfriend, actor Brian Austin Green, in person for the first time.

In a comment on Sharna’s recent post wishing her sister Nikki a happy birthday, a commenter shared a story about Sharna’s dad, telling the dancer how proud he was of her.

The commenter wrote:

I want you to know. I just met your dad on my flight over to the US to be reunited with my partner just before Christmas. He graciously switched seats with a couple so they could have the bassinet space for their baby. He picked up conversation with me immediately. We joked and he loved to talk. Your dad spoke non-stop about you. He is so proud of you. He said he was about to meet Brian and I told him to make sure to tell Brian I binge-watched all 293 episodes for nostalgic bliss and not to forget to tell him! He was so so so so proud of you, what you have accomplished, and so excited to see you.

He didn’t look the best of health but he told a story of a bit of a battled and well-lived life. Very grateful for the conversation and company. I had been locked in my home in Melbourne for the entire year with minimal interaction, perhaps that’s why I didn’t shut up as we spoke either. To the point, he spoke even when I had my headphones on… we rambled for hours. I was so excited for him to see you, to see my partner, for us to be escaping the country together. How lucky we were! To leave! To get freedom! To be reunited with the people we loved. I sit here in New York now. I’m thinking of him and you tonight. May he rest.

The rest of the comments on that post are full of condolences for Sharna’s loss.

Sharna Once Called Her Father Her ‘No. 1 Fan’

In a post in honor of her father’s birthday in May 2020, which it sounds like was the last time she saw him before this most recent trip to the United States, Sharna said that she is “grateful his health is stronger than ever” and that he was always her “No. 1 fan.”

Sharna wrote:

If there is anything I can thank this pandemic for it’s the extra months in Australia and the family time because of it. I haven’t been here for my Dads birthday for more years than I can remember. I’m grateful for this time, I’m grateful for the people that are in his life that give him love and support when I can’t be here, I’m grateful his health is stronger than ever and I’m grateful for him. I wouldn’t be where I am without him and if I ever had a number 1 fan, it was always him. He wholeheartedly believed in my talent and did everything he could to help me chase my dreams.

She finished by writing, “This guy sacrificed a heck of a lot for me to chase a career that most would consider crazy. I have endless gratitude that he did. Drop a 💙 in the comments to give the man a little love. Love you, dad.”

“Dancing With the Stars” has not yet been renewed for season 31. If it is renewed, it will return in September 2022.

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