Sharna Burgess Claps Back After Being Accused of Using Filters

Sharna Burgess.

Getty Images Sharna Burgess sounds off on people using filters on children.

Sharna Burgess noticed someone post videos of their daughter with filters altering the child’s face and sounded off about it on her Instagram Stories.

The “Dancing With the Stars” pro and new mom was really bothered by the posts and couldn’t help but speak out about how she isn’t a fan of using such filters — especially on children.

“I just saw someone that had this filter on several videos of their child. A beautiful young girl maybe 8 years old,” Burgess captioned a photo of herself using the “bad cats” filter on her Instagram Stories. It didn’t take long for someone to call Burgess out for her own use of filters on social media — and she took some time to respond.

Here’s what you need to know:

Sharna Burgess Explained That She Doesn’t Use Filters That Alter Her Facial Features

Someone responded to Burgess’ post suggesting that she set an example for others by not using filters on her own posts.

“I mean you use filters on some of your videos (and pics) too though. And yes I know you’re not 8… but if you want to set a good example, practice what you preach and maybe try dropping the filters yourself lol,” someone wrote. Burgess shared a screenshot of the comment and offered a response.

“The only filters that I use are the ones that aren’t altering my face,” she responded. “There’s some lighting ones. And they do a little coloring or some smoothing sometimes, but they absolutely do not change my face, make my lips bigger, my nose smaller, my jaw narrower, my eyes bigger. I absolutely would never use those. That’s what I mean. Using things that change your face? And putting them on your 8-year-old kid? And for those asking, it wasn’t a mistake. It was on multiple different Reels on her face,” Burgess explained.

Sharna Burgess Encouraged People Not to Use Filters on Their Kids

“That’s just awful. Anyway, I use the subtle filter mostly,” she added. She went on to show fans an example of the subtle filter on the “warm” setting, which she feels helps make her look like she’s not as sleep deprived as she is.

“I don’t believe it changes my face,” Burgess continued. The ballroom pro doesn’t think that anyone should be using filters that make them look like completely different people, but she also thinks people should not use them on their kids.

“Stop using face altering filters,” she said. “It’s ridiculous.”

Burgess has never been shy when it comes to standing up for herself or the things she believes in. In April 2022, for example, Burgess clapped back after someone accused her of editing her maternity photos.

“lol, what in the world,” Burgess wrote. “This is a ludicrous comment. Being able to angle a camera myself as opposed to being randomly snapped by paparazzi are 2 very different things. But you believe whatever makes you feel better,” she added.

That particular exchange seems to have been deleted.

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