Is Jesse Metcalfe Dating Sharna Burgess on ‘Dancing With the Stars’?

Jesse Metcalfe Sharna Burgess Dating

ABC Jesse Metcalfe recently opened up about the "undeniable chemistry" he shares with dance partner Sharna Burgess.

One of the hottest couples on season 29 of Dancing With the Stars is professional dancer Sharna Burgess paired with celebrity contestant Jesse Metcalfe.

DWTS judges and fans alike have been raving about the chemistry the two share since the first time they stepped on the ballroom floor together, and Metcalfe doesn’t deny that chemistry.

“She’s very beautiful and I think she is the perfect partner for me,” Metcalfe told Hello Magazine. “I’m a very strong person too so I need someone with the strength to put me in my place when necessary.”

Jesse Metcalfe and Sharna Burgess Share a Lot of Chemistry

While they are not in a relationship with one another, the dance partners do share a lot of chemistry and have been great for one another when it comes to DWTS. 

“She’s an incredible teacher, she’s incredibly supportive, she’s a very strong and ambitious woman and I think she’s a very talented dancer,” Metcalfe told Hello Magazine.

He added that the journey to get where they are now on the show has already been a “wild ride,” and “the chemistry – whatever creates that – is undeniable.”

The experience the actor has had on the show so far has exceeded his expectations, he told Hello Magazine.

“There’s so much energy and excitement just from the stars and the pros that it’s just really fun,” he said.

Metcalfe Has a Girlfriend But Burgess is Single

Both Metcalfe and Burgess are spoken for. Burgess had been married for years; she met her ex-husband, Paul Kirkland, on the set of Street Dance 2 in London in 2011, according to The Cinemaholic. The couple split in 2015, and it seems that Sharna Burgess is currently unattached to any one person romantically.

Metcalfe, on the other hand, is in a relatively new relationship. The Desperate Housewives star is dating Canadian model Corin Jamie Lee Clark, according to The Daily Mail. Metcalfe was previously engaged to Cara Santana, but the two split over eight months ago.

An inside source revealed Metcalfe’s new relationship to E! News in August 2020.

“Jesse has gotten serious with Corin very quickly,” the source told the outlet. “He thinks she’s amazing and they have been inseparable.”

The source said the two had been quarantining together for some time in both Los Angeles and Canada.

“They feel they’ve been together forever even though it’s only been a few months,” the source said. “He’s crazy about her.”

His relationship status won’t stop him from getting gifts for his dancing partner, though.

It appears that Burgess might be wearing new sneakers for the ’80s night performance, as she shared a photo of her and partner Metcalfe in their new kicks.

“Someone spoiled me today,” she wrote. “[Jesse Metcalfe] made sure our sneaker game is on point and turned up with these bad boys today.”

For now, Metcalfe is more worried about impressing the judges, especially Derek Hough, with his dancing rather than just with the chemistry.

“Derek is the hardest to impress, and rightfully so,” he told Hello Magazine. “He is an incredibly accomplished dancer in choreography and he has won DWTS I don’t know how many times, but I think the most out of any pro on the show.”

He said he does have a personal relationship with Derek Hough as well, as he’s known the professional dancer for the greater part of the last decade.

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