Sharna Burgess Is Moving Into a New Phase & Her DWTS Co-Stars Are in Tears

Sharna Burgess.

Getty Images Sharna Burgess shares a baby update.

Sharna Burgess got sentimental while putting away some of her son’s infant clothes that no longer fit him and she decided to express her feelings in a candid Instagram post.

The “Dancing With the Stars” pro, who welcomed her first child in June 2022, admitted that she’s been having a hard time letting go of the different stages of her son’s first year. In a video shared on her Instagram feed on April 23, 2023, Burgess filmed herself packing up some baby clothes, each set holding its own memories.

The video flipped back and forth between clothes that Burgess was folding to put in a tote to videos of Zane wearing the outfits when he was younger.

“Some of them still smell like him. That fresh baby smell that brings you right back to those beginning days of newborn haze, a squish on your chest, melting into you and knowing that your whole world is now sleeping in your arms,” she captioned the post.

Burgess admitted that she’s kept most of her son’s clothes because she “couldn’t bare to part with them.” She explained that some of the outfits are a “part of my most treasured memories, my biggest most life altering moments” and added that she wants to keep them to remind her of the memories.

Here’s what you need to know:

Sharna Burgess’ Pals Were Left Feeling Emotional After Reading Her Post

Burgess has been very open and honest about the feelings that she’s been experiencing as a new mom. In fact, on the April 12, 2023, episode of the “Quite Frankly” podcast, Burgess spoke out about some of the intrusive thoughts that she has had since becoming a mom.

Her Instagram post on April 23, 2023, wasn’t about intrusive thoughts but still resonated with her mom pals.

“Watching him become a little boy with all his curiosity, his little wet open mouth kisses and witnessing him actually make choices for himself now.. it’s beyond words amazing. But… that little squish, that first version of him, the one that we brought home from the hospital in clothes too big for him,” Burgess’ Instagram caption continued.

“Noooooooo,” wrote Burgess’ best friend Peta Murgatroyd along with three emotional face emoji.

Meanwhile, new mom Jenna Johnson simply left a string of crying emoji in the comments section of the post.

Sharna Burgess Says Her Son Has Been Hitting Major Milestones Ahead of His First Birthday

It’s been a big year for Burgess as she has watched her baby change and grow in the months leading up to his first birthday.

In an Instagram post shared on April 13, 2023, Burgess reflected on some of those moments.

“April 1st was his first tooth.. 2 days later his second. He’s such a little man now. No longer my little squish although he still so squishy and I can’t get enough of the rolls. As much as I mourn the previous stages I also deeply love the new discoveries and each new stage. I just wish it all went slower,” she wrote.

Burgess decided to sit out season 31 of “Dancing With the Stars” because she wanted to spend all of the time she could with her baby boy, who was born just months before the season began.

“I made the really hard decision to not do this season of Dancing with the Stars. There’s been a list that has been released saying that I would be a pro and I won’t be,” Burgess said on her Instagram Stories in August 2022, according to People magazine.

“I was not ready to spend at minimum 10 hours a day away from Zane. I say ten hours because it’s not just the time in the room. It’s the travel time, the prep time, the hair and makeup time. Sundays and Mondays are full days away. I’m a full time breastfeeding mama and not only that, I just, I am so in love with just being a mom,” she explained.

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