Sharna Burgess Shares Sweet Video Tribute to Brian Austin Green

Sharna Burgess pregnancy

Getty Sharna Burgess and Brian Austin Green

“Dancing With the Stars” professional dancer Sharna Burgess shared a tribute to her boyfriend, Brian Austin Green, in a touching Instagram post.

The post, which was shared on April 22, 2022, has photos and videos of Green with a voiceover.

“Well, it’s like a best friend but more,” the voiceover starts. “It’s the one person in the world that knows you better than anyone else. It’s someone who makes you a better person. Actually, they don’t make you a better person, you do that yourself. Because they inspire you.”

It continues, “A soul mate is someone who you carry with you forever. It’s the one person who knew you and accepted you and believed in you before anyone else did. Or when no one else would. And no matter what happens, you’ll always love them. Nothing can ever change that.”

Her caption on the post reads, “It’s all of this and more. I love you @brianaustingreen.”

Burgess Hopes to Marry Green

Burgess spoke with Us Weekly about the possibility of marriage between the couple. They couple is expecting their first child together in July of 2022.

Green has three children, Journey River, 5, Bodhi Ransom, 7, and Noah Shannon, 9, with his ex-wife Meghan Fox, and a son, Kassius, 19,  with Vanessa Marcil.

“We just allow things to flow,” she told the outlet. “It’s on the cards. Of course, you know, we’ve talked about [marriage and] what type of weddings we like.

Burgess told Us Weekly that she does not see a breakup in the couple’s future.

“There’s been discussions over the time that we’ve been together of stuff we like and that we would want, and we are endgame,” she said. “So, it is definitely on the cards at some point, but we weren’t that kind of relationship that was like, ‘So we’ll get married here and then we’ll schedule in a baby for here, but if you book a gig, we can push that a little bit.’… It’s like, let life be life, right? Let’s just enjoy each other and trust that things will happen when they’re meant to.”

Burgess also said that she sees “no need” to be engaged to “know that I’m gonna be loved and supported by this man and so will our child.”

She said that they are happy together and she feels secure in the relationship.

“Don’t get me wrong: I want it, but I don’t need to have it before the baby. I think, ‘Let’s enjoy this,’” Burgess concluded.

Burgess Shared An Emotional Video About Her Pregnancy

In a post on Instagram, Burgess shared a video of herself looking at a pregnancy test and crying along with the aftermath of the test and announcing the pregnancy to their families.

“I can’t watch this without crying,” Burgess wrote in the caption. “It’s the handshake between Bri and my Dad that gets me every time. Can a heart be broken and full at the same time about the same moment? Mine feels that way.”

She added, “3 months to go until I step into the role of Parent. I have no idea what I’m doing but I’m surrounded by people that do. People I love and trust deeply. And, I trust my own instincts and nurturing nature. I know I’m meant for this. I’m meant for him.”

In the video, Burgess said that the pregnancy wasn’t planned, “but the timing couldn’t have been more perfect.”

The video also shared Burgess’s very first baby bump picture, which had not been seen by fans previously. After she showed the video of herself and Green telling her dad, she added a caption.

“He passed away only a month later,” she wrote. “And some part of me thinks he was holding on to see that I was ok. That I am safe and loved and truly happy.”

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