Sharna Burgess Tells Fans to ‘Unfollow’ Her After They Complain About Her Content

Sharna Burgess

Getty Images Some people aren't happy with the content Sharna Burgess is putting out.

Some fans aren’t too happy with the content that Sharna Burgess has been sharing on her Instagram Stories — and they’ve let her know.

The “Dancing With the Stars” pro became a new mom in June 2022 and has been sharing some sweet updates and precious moments with her newborn baby boy Zane on social media. Amongst those posts, however, have been plenty of ads that Burgess has been creating in hopes of getting her followers to buy the products that she’s promoting so that she can get a kick back — this is what many social media influencers and/or people with large Instagram followings do to make money.

A few people have messaged Burgess to let her know that they don’t like that she’s been posting so many ads and that they miss her sharing other content about her life and what she’s been up to. And so, the ballroom dancer decided to share some of those DMs with responses to each on her Instagram Stories.

Here’s what you need to know:

Burgess Asked for ‘Grace’ as She Navigates Making a Living With a Newborn

On August 10, 2022, Burgess shared a screenshot of a message that she received from a fan.

“All you do now is ads,” the person wrote, adding the monkey covering its eyes emoji. “Sorry love you Sharna but I miss when you actually shared your life not only sponsorships,” the person continued.

Burgess typed a response and shared it with all of her followers.

“How about you have a little grace for a new mom trying to balance all the things. Me sharing MY LIFE with you is something I do in my SPARE TIME… how much of that do you think I have? Should I prioritize your demands over my own and my families needs?” Burgess wrote.

“No one is holding you hostage here or forcing your eyes to look. You have options… Keep scrolling or unfollow,” she continued.

Burgess Encouraged Another Fan to ‘Unfollow’ Her

Burgess decided to do a hospital bag giveaway to a deserving mom and she included all of the things that she’s found the most useful when it comes to having a newborn. She shared the giveaway on her Instagram Stories and encouraged people to share their stories with her so she could choose someone whom she felt would really benefit from the gift.

Burgess did the giveaway on her own and it wasn’t sponsored — but she still received a message from someone who didn’t like her post.

“Agree w/the comments you only do ads now. You sold out,” the person wrote. Once again, Burgess shared the message on her Instagram Stories and responded publicly on August 12, 2022.

“Actually this giveaway is out of my own pocket and not sponsored or paid for by anyone. Except me,” she wrote. I just wanted to share what I genuinely had packed in my hospital bag and give it to someone who needs it. But you go ahead and keep being a bag of dicks. While you’re at it unfollow me,” she added.

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