Tom Bergeron Announces ‘New Project’ With DWTS Pro


Former “Dancing With the Stars” host Tom Bergeron announced on February 18 that he and retired professional dancer Cheryl Burke are collaborating on a “new project.”

Here’s what you need to know:

Tom Bergeron & Cheryl Burke Had a ‘Productive Meeting’ For Their New Project Together

On Saturday, February 18, Bergeron and Burke got together at Burke’s house to work on their new project. Bergeron teased the project on Instagram, writing, “A productive meeting with @cherylburke about our new project was interrupted by an uninvited guest. Or was it?”

The “uninvited guest” in question was a fly that the former “Dancing With the Stars” host was trying to kill — except it turned out to be a piece of black fuzz. Bergeron captioned the video, “I posted this to a ‘story’ yesterday, but it’s too good to have it disappear after 24 hours so I’m reposting it here. I particulately love when @cherylburke says (of the nonexistent fly), ‘It moved!'”

In the video, Bergeron is trying to creep up on the “fly” and says, “We are attempting to kill a fly, Cheryl is freaking out about this fly.”

He then reveals his secret fly-killing trick, “Now, there is a technique, some of you probably know this — if you clap over its head, it will fly directly into your hand. It’s the absolute truth.”

“Tom, don’t lose the fly. Focus. I hate flies,” said Burke. “It moved. It’s right there! Tom, look! It’s on the toy. Oh my god, it’s not a fly!

“It’s not a fly, it’s a piece of f***ing fuzz,” shouted Bergeron in feigned exasperation. “And I’m supposed to be the old guy who can’t see s***!”

Either way, the two of them at least had a “productive meeting” about their “new project,” which has us very intrigued.

Maybe It’s Tom Bergeron’s New Script Called ‘Family Tree’

In early January, the two teased a new project on their Instagram stories on the same day that Bergeron posted a photo of a script for a feature film called “Family Tree.” Perhaps that is what Burke is involved in?

Bergeron captioned the post, “Stay tuned…” and one of the first comments on the post is Burke leaving a heart emoji. Also, one of Bergeron’s emojis on the post is a Christmas tree, so we feel like it is probably a family-centric Christmas movie.

The script was written by Katie Amanda Keane and Marla Sokoloff, and the story is listed as being by Bergeron and his good friend William Shatner.

In the comments, someone asked Bergeron if he is “working on a new game show or a TV show,” to which he replied, “Nope. Playing in different sandboxes in 2023.”

And in another comment, Bergeron offered up more information about the project.

“@williamshatner and I came up with the story (inspired by a real incident in my life) and @katieamandakeane and @marlasokoloff masterfully wove it into the screenplay I’m holding. Hope to share more info soon,” wrote Bergeron, to which Shatner replied, “Let me correct that. @tombergeron relayed a story, I asked all the right questions 🤔 bringing out the best parts that he neglected to originally tell me 🤨 and told Tom this would make a great project. So… why is my name 2nd?”

To that joke, Bergeron wrote, “And so it begins…,” to which Shatner replied, “Did it ever end?”

Maybe Burke is involved in “Family Tree.” Or maybe Bergeron is going to be a guest on her new YouTube series “Diving Deep,” where she interviews her famous friends while they do diamond painting. Burke retired from “Dancing With the Stars” after season 31 and she said on the November 22 episode of her podcast “Burke in the Game” that she is in talks for a new TV show, so it wouldn’t be that far-fetched for her to get involved with a movie either.

Fans will have to “stay tuned” to find out more. “Dancing With the Stars” returns for its 32nd season in the fall of 2023 on Disney Plus.

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