Tom Bergeron Shares the ‘Thoughtful’ Gift He Previously Gave Erin Andrews

Tom Bergeron and Erin Andrews

Getty Images Tom Bergeron reveals the gift he previously gave Erin Andrews.

Tom Bergeron and Erin Andrews became great friends while hosting “Dancing With the Stars” together. And, although they are no longer on the show, their friendship has continued on.

On December 17, 2022, Bergeron shared a photo of Andrews holding a gift that he previously got her for Christmas. Calling it “thoughtful” and “practical,” Bergeron revealed that he actually gifted his former partner an orange traffic cone. He used the caption of the post to further explain why the gift was also hilarious.

“The best Christmas gifts can be both thoughtful & practical, like the one I gave @erinandrews in 2014 after accidentally backing over the cone in her studio parking space,” he wrote. In the photo, Andrews stood in front of a Christmas tree holding up the gift, which read “Erin’s Cone” down the side.

Here’s what you need to know:

Fans Reacted to Bergeron’s Gift in the Comments Section of the Post

Fans took to the comments section of the post to react to Bergeron’s photo of Andrews, but most people comments on the fact that both Bergeron and Andrews are missed in the ballroom rather than commenting on Bergeron’s Christmas gift.

The comments, however, seem to show just how much people really love Bergeron and Andrews’ close friendship.

“Miss you two together – best duo,” one person wrote.

“Best hosts ever,” someone else added.

“Very romantic,” a third Instagram user joked.

“You two were magic,” a fourth said.

Bergeron and Andrews were relieved from their hosting duties in 2020, much to the surprise and shock of many fans. The co-hosts were replaced by Tyra Banks, with DWTS producers bringing in Alfonso Ribeiro for season 31.

Fans Love Seeing Bergeron & Andrews Together

Bergeron and Andrews don’t cross paths too frequently these days, but, when they do get together, fans absolutely love it.

In 2021, for example, Bergeron and Andrews reunited for a cocktail or two.

“Reunited & it feels so good,” Bergeron captioned a post he shared on Instagram. And while he and Andrews appear to have moved on from their “Dancing With the Stars” days, fans are constantly letting them know that they are missed. Their on-screen chemistry worked really well for the program — which is likely why they were on television together for so many years.

Interestingly, Bergeron recently admitted that he’s not completely opposed to returning to the show in the future, which is a pretty far cry from the things he has previously said about it.

On the September 6, 2022, episode of the “Burke in the Game” podcast, host Cheryl Burke — another close friend of Bergeron’s — asked, “What will it take for you to come back?”

“Well, there are other people there,” Bergeron responded. “I appreciate your question, but there are other people in those jobs right now.”

“Maybe for season… how about for season 32? Maybe?” Burke pressed.

“Let’s just say we’ll cross that bridge should it be in front of us,” Bergeron responded.

Andrews, however, seems very busy these days, as she continues her sideline commentary and other sports journalism roles with Fox Sports and has her own podcast.

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