Tom Bergeron Admits He Knew DWTS Pro’s Marriage Wouldn’t Last

Tom Bergeron

Getty Images Tom Bergeron weighs in on a pro's recent divorce.

A “Dancing With the Stars” pro’s marriage may have been doomed from the start — according to Tom Bergeron.

Cheryl Burke filed for divorce from Matthew Lawrence in February 2022, two-and-a-half years after they tied the knot, according to Us Weekly. Burke cited the ever-popular “irreconcilable differences” in the divorce docs.

“I know I have always said I’m an open book with you guys, I do strive to be, and in writing this I’ve realized there really isn’t an easy way to announce that my marriage is ending. “I hope you can understand that I will not be commenting any further at this time and am asking for understanding and privacy. Thank you all for all the kind words and support you’ve given me,” Burke said in a statement shared on Instagram on February 24, 2022.

Burke has opened up a bit about moving on from her past relationship and the new journey that she’s on as a single woman in 2022, mainly on her podcast, but sometimes on social media as well. Burke hasn’t candidly discuss her split from Lawrence or the exact reasons why things didn’t work out.

Interestingly, however, there’s one person in particular who may have see it all coming.

Here’s what you need to know:

Bergeron Had a Feeling That Burke & Lawrence Wouldn’t Last

On the September 6, 2022, episode of the “Burke in the Game” podcast, the ballroom pro talked to former DWTS host and one of her dear friends Tom Bergeron. During their chat, Burke asked Bergeron about her recent split and what he said seemed to catch her by surprise.

Toward the end of part 1 of the “Daddy’s Burke” episode, Burke asked Bergeron if he thought that she’d ever be “single again.”

“Did you think that I was ever going to be sitting here single again when you were at my wedding?” she asked him.

Bergeron hesitated, seeming as though he didn’t want to answer the question. However, he ultimately said that he had an inkling.

“Yes. I remember thinking I would happily go to as many weddings as you had,” Bergeron admitted.

“Oh!” Burke exclaimed. She then asked him why.

“You and Matthew had dated years before, right? So, you had some prior experience with each other and had broken up and comin’ back together. And, look, you know, it’s a pressure cooker environment when you’re living your life in LA and both of you being in the public eye,” Bergeron said on part 2 of the podcast.

He admitted he felt that things could go either way, and while he was “hoping for the best,” he knew that Burke “would be able to handle it.”

Burke Recently Shared a TikTok in Which She Accused an Ex of Cheating on Her

Burke has been very active on TikTok over the past several weeks, and she recently posted a video in which she accuses an ex of cheating on her. Burke didn’t say which ex this might have been, though fans were posting their guesses in the comments section of the post and many assumed the DWTS pro was referring to Lawrence.

“When he said he would never talk to her again yet I found text messages, viagra, and a necklace hidden in a pair of his shoes…” the text over the video reads. The TikTok was set to the song “Set Fire to the Rain” by Adele.

“The last time is absolutely right! Goodbye forever…#exessucks #thelasttime #goodbyeforever #hopeitwasworthit,” Burke captioned the TikTok, which quickly went viral. The video has received more than 2.3 million views. Dozens of people sympathized with Burke and expressed such in the comments.

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