Tom Bergeron Calls DWTS Firing ‘Great’

Tom Bergeron on 'Dancing With the Stars'

ABC Tom Bergeron on 'Dancing With the Stars'

Former “Dancing With the Stars” host Tom Bergeron recently opened up about being fired from the show, giving a surprising reason why it “was great” for him. Read on to find out what he thought was so great about being fired, if he might work with co-host Erin Andrews again in the future and if he would return to “Hollywood Squares” if asked.

Bergeron Likened His Firing to a Funeral

In an interview with Fox News to announce his new hosting project, “Hollywood Museum Squares,” Bergeron was asked about being let go from “Dancing With the Stars.” He said that one upside to his firing was that it was like he got to attend his own funeral — without having to die first.

“It was great. I said to somebody, ‘It was like being eulogized without the pesky business of dying,’ said Bergeron with a laugh. “It’s always better if you can actually still be around to enjoy it.”

He also said that while he and Erin Andrews did post their recent get-together on social media, they’ve actually stayed in close contact throughout the pandemic.

“[I saw her] just a few weeks ago. We’re good buddies, so we had been in touch during the pandemic quite often, either by phone or by text,” said Bergeron. “And that was just the first time we were able to give each other a hug and then have a meal together. But she’s a good friend, and that’s one of the lasting friendships I’ll take from that experience.

He also said that the two of them are not teaming up together for a project at this time, but he would “certainly be open to considering it in the future.”

Bergeron added, “We just get along really well. We have similar senses of humor. I never like to close the door on anything.”

Bergeron Would Be Open to Hosting ‘Hollywood Squares’ Again

Part of Bergeron’s hosting resume includes a stint hosting the game show “Hollywood Squares” from 1998 until 2004 — which is one of the reasons he was tapped to host “Hollywood Museum Squares” to raise money for the Hollywood Museum.

But he told Fox News that while he’s “not a big game show watcher,” he thinks there are certain formats that are iconic.

“I mean, I love doing it, I love hosting it. And there are formats that, I think, like ‘Hollywood Squares,’ if somebody ever knocked on my door and said, ‘Hey, you want to bring that back?’ I’d probably be interested,” said Bergeron.

He also expressed his surprise that no one has brought “Hollywood Squares” back.

“I just think number one, it was just really funny at its best. And it’s tic-tac-toe, it’s not exactly going to strain your brain that much,” said Bergeron. “I mean, it’s like celebrity checkers. I mean, it’s really basic. So you can just sit back and have fun with it.”

Bergeron has recently been teasing a return to hosting on social media, saying on April 23 that his new show would be “reminiscent” of a show he previously hosted. Most likely that was a reference to “Hollywood Museum Squares,” but in a tweet on May 1, he wrote that the big reveal “will likely be sometime this summer in a press release.”

“Hollywood Museum Squares” started in early May and now all the episodes are available to stream online, so it seems more like there is still news forthcoming — it is definitely not summer yet and there was no press release, the announcement came via the Fox News interview.

So we are still holding out hope that Bergeron is in talks to host Derek Hough’s new dance show — either that or the new “Come Dance With Me” show on CBS with Jenna Dewan.

“Dancing With the Stars” season 30 is expected to premiere in September 2021 on ABC.

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