Ex-DWTS Host Tom Bergeron Reveals What His New Hosting Gig Is

Host Tom Bergeron arrives at the 2019 "Dancing With The Stars" Cast Reveal

Getty Host Tom Bergeron arrives at the 2019 "Dancing With The Stars" cast reveal.

Former “Dancing With the Stars” host Tom Bergeron has confirmed that his new hosting job is a game show. Here is what we know so far.

Bergeron Confirmed That He Is Hosting a Game Show

Tom Bergeron Talks About His Legendary Career: Hollywood Squares to AFV & Dancing With the StarsBroadcasting Legend, Tom Bergeron, joins his fellow former America's Funniest Home Videos host, Bob, to discuss their experiences hosting the beloved show. Tom also talks about how his career came together through unexpected opportunities: including a cameo on Star Trek and performing as a taco on The Masked Singer. Listen to Bob Saget’s Here For…2021-09-13T17:00:08Z

Bergeron was a guest on the September 13 episode of the podcast “Bob Saget’s Here For You.” The two are longtime friends, dating back to when Saget appeared as a guest during the 20-year celebration episode of “America’s Funniest Videos,” which Bergeron was hosting at the time.

Naturally, they touched on Bergeron’s upcoming new hosting job, which the former “Dancing With the Stars” host is still keeping fairly quiet about. But Bergeron did confirm one big detail — it is going to be a game show.

“I won’t give you the name of it. It’s a game show and it is very reminiscent of something I’ve done in the past in some aspects,” teased Bergeron.

He also revealed that they shot a pilot for the game show back in June and they are awaiting word from NBC that they’ve been picked up to series.

“We’re waiting to hear if it’s picked up. We’re hearing, as one does in Hollywood sometimes, there is ‘great buzz.’ But I’m a New Englander, it’s not real until it’s real,” said Bergeron.

He also said that he considers it a “good sign” that “another NBC show called and asked [him] if [he’d] be available to come by and do a little cameo.”

We don’t know which sitcom he is appearing on either, but we definitely agree with Bergeron that it’s a good sign about the future of his new game show — NBC will certainly be cross-promoting the game show alongside the sitcom cameo.

Bergeron Said It Was ‘The Best’ Feeling to Be Back On a TV Set

In telling Saget about filming the game show pilot, Bergeron said he was able to make the crew laugh and that was “the best” feeling.

“The nicest thing for me … was to get back on a stage and know that it was still fun, that I could still break up the crew. It’s important to me that the environment be good for everybody, that everybody’s having a good time,” said Bergeron. “We shot on a Monday and Tuesday back in June and the best response I got … one of the young production assistants came up to me and she said, ‘Everybody’s having
such a good time. And it’s a Monday!’ and I thought, ‘That’s the best. That’s the best right there.'”

He also said that at this point in his life, he doesn’t have to work, so it’s nice to be able to do something simply because it’s so enjoyable.

“At this particular point in my career, I’m just looking to have a good time. I don’t really need to host anything anymore. The only reason I agreed to this particular project that we did the pilot for was who came and asked me if I’d be interested and when Harry Friedman shows up, who’s the Obi-Wan Kenobi of that genre, and he’s excited about it, that was a pretty persuasive argument and we had a ball, we really did. So I’m hoping it gets picked up,” said Bergeron.

In case you don’t know, Friedman was the longtime executive producer of both “Jeopardy” and “Wheel of Fortune,” so he has quite the game show pedigree. We are a bit stumped as to what the show is, however. We thought it might be the reboot of “Password” that NBC picked u, except that was already picked up to series and Bergeron has said they’re waiting to hear about being picked up.

We also thought it might be “The Wheel,” a U.K. import that features a celebrity panel, which would be how the show is “very reminiscent” of one of Bergeron’s past shows — he previously hosted “Hollywood Squares,” which featured a panel of celebrities. But Michael McIntyre, the host of the U.K. version, has already been announced as the host for “The Wheel.”

So, this is either something that has not leaked at all yet, or it’s Derek Hough’s new dance show. Hough has confirmed that it is a TV show and Hough’s presence would most assuredly go a long way in getting Bergeron on board, we would think, after all of their years working together on “Dancing With the Stars.” And the dancing aspect would be “very reminiscent” of “Dancing With the Stars.”

But a dancing show also doesn’t sound like it runs in Friedman’s vein. So we are really wracking our brains about what this could be. Hopefully, we’ll know soon!

“Dancing With the Stars” season 30 premieres Monday, September 20, 2021, at 8 p.m. Eastern and Pacific times on ABC.

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