Tom Bergeron Says DWTS Could Get Him Back

Getty Tom Bergeron onstage during A Capitol Fourth

Former “Dancing With the Stars” host Tom Bergeron has revealed the “only person” that would get him to consider returning to host the show — and, as luck would have it, that person is now coming back to “Dancing With the Stars.”

Bergeron Said Returning EP Conrad Green is the ‘Only Person’ Who Could Get Him to Come Back

During an appearance on Vicki Abelson’s podcast “Game Changers,” Bergeron was recounting for the host the recent report from Variety that former executive producer Conrad Green is coming back to the show.

Green was one of the original executive producers back when “Dancing With the Stars” premiered in 2005 and remained with the show through the end of season 18 in 2014. When Deadline broke the news in May 2022 that Green was in advanced talks to return, Bergeron happened to be with longtime “Dancing With the Stars” professional dancer Cheryl Burke at the time. When she told him about the Green news, they promptly sent Green a video message.

“I was having lunch with Cheryl Burke and Cheryl was the one that told me that Conrad was talking to [the executives], so we sent him a video from the restaurant and I said, ‘You son of a b****, you’d be the only person that would make me even think about [coming back],'” said Bergeron.

He went on to joke about the James Bond film title “Never Say Never Again,” adding that “you never know” what might happen.

But Bergeron added that regardless of what happens with himself, he’s “just happy that [‘Dancing With the Stars’] finally came to their senses and are bringing somebody in that can really right the ship.”

Bergeron Also Had Some Advice for Green About Returning

Bergeron told Abelson that he has “the greatest respect” for Green, and he later texted his former boss and gave him some advice about coming back — namely, that the most important thing is that the show gives the professional dancers back their creative control.

“I texted him … and I said, look, the first thing you need to do is give the pros their control back and their self-respect back and their dignity back because they’re the heart and soul of [the show], I think. You start minimizing the appreciation for what they can bring to it and you’re just asking to be canceled,” said Bergeron.

Then he quipped, “Well, it was canceled” as he laughed.

“I should put an asterisk. It’s been… repositioned,” said Bergeron. “It’s no longer on ABC. It’ll be on Disney Plus.”

He went on to say that the move to Disney Plus could be a good thing because “streaming is where so much is happening right now.”

“It could be that [the move to Disney Plus] is a brilliant, timely way to give the show more life and I would say, because I’m biased here, you bring Conrad back and you’ve improved your odds markedly. It could … put a new spring in its step,” said Bergeron.

His sentiments echo those of many of the pro dancers, who see the Disney Plus move as a huge opportunity for them creatively and also a chance for West Coast viewers to watch and vote alongside East Coast viewers since the show will air live nationwide.

“Dancing With the Stars” returns for its 31st season this fall on Disney Plus.

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