Tom Bergeron Shares Throwback Photo With Kaley Cuoco & Fans Can’t Get Over it

Tom Bergeron.

Getty Images Tom Bergeron shares throwback photo with Kaley Cuoco.

As “Dancing With the Stars” fans continue to wonder if Bergeron will make a return to the show after it was announced that it would be moving to Disney+, he continues to carry on life as usual, sharing photos on social media, and keeping his 203,000 followers entertained.

Bergeron has been known to share old photos from time to time, taking trips down memory lane, and giving his fans a look into how life used to be for him.

On April 21, 2022, Bergeron shared a throwback photo from 2004 to his Instagram feed. The former DWTS host was seen sitting between “Clue” actor Martin Mull and “The Big Bang Theory” actress Kaley Cuoco in the shot.

“Posting this 2004 #throwbackthursday pic while enjoying Season 2 of @flightattendantonmax (and wondering why @kaleycuoco refuses to age),” Bergeron captioned the pic. Fans couldn’t get over how Bergeron looked, and expressed such in the comments.

Here’s what you need to know:

Bergeron Is Clearly Recognizable in the Throwback & Fans Think He’s Aging Well

Although Bergeron called attention to Cuoco looking nearly identical at age 19 as she does at age 36, but fans were quick to point out that Bergeron still looks great nearly two decades after that photo was taken.

“I’d say you’re holding up pretty well yourself,” one comment read.

“For the same reason you refuse to age,” another Instagram user added.

“… along with Tom Bergeron,” a third person wrote, adding the heart eyes emoji.

A few commenters recognized Martin Mull sitting next to Bergeron. The actor is best known for his roles in “Clue” and “Jingle All the Way.”

“I think Martin Mull has the answer to that question lol,” someone said to Bergeron in the comments section of his post.

“Is Martin Mull a super-cool guy IRL? I’ve always liked that dude. Even in Ski Patrol,” someone else added, recognizing the actor straight away.

Bergeron Shared Another Throwback Photo on April 11, 2022

Bergeron threw it way back when he shared a photo of him and his younger sister in honor of National Sibling Day. The game show host posted a black-and-white shot from when he and his sister, Maureen, were super young.

Apparently yesterday was #nationalsiblingday. I managed to find a picture of my sister next to some buck tooth troublemaker…,” Bergeron wrote, poking fun at himself. Bergeron and his sister, who works as a nurse, are very close.

Fans seemed to like seeing the old photo, and took to the comments section to let Bergeron know — and some fans even had some jokes of their own.

“A good set of listeners on that young fella, too,” one commenter wrote, pointing out Bergeron’s ears. This got Bergeron’s attention.

“Like early satellite dishes,” he responded, adding a crying with laughter emoji.

“I’m saying if you were ha troublemaker, it was Good Trouble!!!” another Instagram user added.

“It’s a great picture of you and her,” a third comment read, its author adding a red heart emoji.

“That buck toothed kid was a real punk. Won’t amount to anything,” someone else said sarcastically.

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9 months ago

Coincidentally Kaley Cuoco, the star in the Flight Attendant, looks like the real life flight attendant/CIA asset Vivienne Templeton who featured in Bill Fairclough’s fact based spy novels in The Burlington Files series. Vivienne Templeton (real name withheld) was a CIA operative in Haiti and the Caribbean. She was based in Fort Lauderdale working under the cover of being an air hostess who moonlighted by managing holiday lets in the Bahamas and Florida. The Burlington Files series is based on the life of a genuine spook, Bill Fairclough aka Edward Burlington. Have a look at TheBurlingtonFiles + Everipedia websites for photos of Vivienne in the seventies and see if you agree that she is like a twin of Kaley Cuoco.

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