Will Tyra Banks Earn More on ‘Dancing With the Stars’ in 2021 Than in 2020?

Tyra Banks hosts Dancing With the Stars season 29

ABC Tyra Banks hosts Dancing With the Stars season 29

Tyra Banks took over hosting duties on Dancing With the Stars ahead of season 29, and she also became an executive producer on the show.

According to OK Magazine, Banks would like to make more money on DWTS next season.

The report, which followed the season finale of the show, claimed that Banks would be seeking more money next time she stepped out into the ballroom as the host and executive producer.

“Tyra is an incredible talent who knows her worth,” the source reportedly told the magazine. “She has taken a franchise that was a little past its prime and made it into the show everyone is talking about, but even more important than the buzz is the ratings she has been delivering too. At the end of the day, Tyra is a businesswoman, she deserves a lot more money to return next season.”

How Much Does Banks Want to Make on ‘Dancing With the Stars’?

According to the same report, insiders have said that long-time hosts Tom Bergeron and Erin Andrews were making around $150,000 per episode each. Bergeron was apparently paid over $3 million a year to host.

“Tyra can make the argument that she is doing the work that previously took two hosts,” an insider told OK. “So, combine what they paid Tom and Erin together, then add in a little for her huge ratings success, and we have a deal. Tyra is worth it.”

It’s not immediately clear how much Banks made on DWTS for her first season as host and executive producer, however.

Insiders Say Banks Wants More of a Reality Show

In a previous report published by OK, insiders said that it’s possible Banks wants to merge reality television with competition television and make DWTS more of a reality show.

“Next season she wants to make even more changes, including more fashion, more backstage drama, and, of course, more Tyra,” a source said. “Tyra wants to merge the competition with a reality show – she wants to show more behind-the-scenes content of the stars. She is even talking about having all the dancers live in the same house like they did on America’s Next Top Model.

According to the same source, Banks may want to include a runway and have dancers and stars walk down it and possibly walk off it.

“She has been in talks with several top designers to get them involved in the costumes,” the source added. “And, yes… expect even more controversial stars next season.”

The source told OK that Banks wants to introduce a power called “The Host Save,” which would give her the “power to save a contestant she alone thinks deserves another chance. Tyra literally has the power as the new boss.”

In her first season as a host on the show, Banks touted record-breaking ratings for the show amid plenty of drama and criticism coming her way.

“We broke a lot of records when it comes to the ratings for this show,” Banks told ET. “And yes, there was change, but the change meant a hell of a lot of big ratings. In the end, this is a business, and that’s what matters, making sure that people are coming and that new people are coming.”

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