Twitter Roasts Tyra Banks & Compares Her ‘DWTS’ Finale Dress to a Loofah

Tyra Banks hosts Dancing With the Stars season 29

ABC Tyra Banks hosts Dancing With the Stars season 29

Each week on Dancing With the Stars season 29, new host Tyra Banks has surprised viewers with her eclectic outfits and odd fashion choices. For the season finale, Banks’ look drew criticism from fans almost immediately.

Once again, fans took to Twitter to criticize Banks’ fashion choice. Her large purple dress reminded some viewers of a loofah, and it reminded others of Cookie Monster’s fur.

Earlier in the season, Banks was compared to Big Bird by viewers after wearing a large yellow dress, so that fits in with the Sesame Street motif.

Viewers Lashed Out at Banks’ Dress

On the day of the finale, fans instantly took to Twitter to start comparing her dresses to a loofah.

“#DWTS anyone else getting loofah vibes from Tyra?” one user wrote.

Another uploaded a picture of a blue loofah and wrote, “Tyra Banks rn.”

“On tonight’s episode of what the HELL is Tyra wearing.. #DWTS #DWTSFINALE” another person tweeted.

“Tyra Banks tonight #DWTS” one person posted with a photo of a fluffy blue duster.

One user uploaded a photo of Swiffer Dusters, writing, “You too can make Tyra’s dress from the #DWTS finale, just need a few boxes of these.”

The loofah tweets continued, with one person uploading a photo of one with the caption, “Tyra walking out like #DWTS.”

Some compared her to Cookie Monster. One person Tweeted, “#dancingwiththestars tyra banks looks like she shaved cookie monster for that dress #DWTSFINALE”

Afterward, Banks changed into another dress, but fans didn’t immediately like that one either, comparing that one to the Statue of Liberty.

“Mom: what is the thing on Tyra’s head, it looks like she’s trying to be the Statue of Liberty,” one person tweeted.

“What in the Statue of Liberty is Tyra wearing?” another viewer asked the show.

Banks went on to change costumes more than once throughout the season finale of Dancing With the Stars. 

Fans Often Criticize Banks’ Fashion Choices

For the semi-finals, Banks wore a large black hat, and fans compared her to a video game character.

Though she took off the dress after the intro, fans had plenty of time to take their screenshots and upload images of Banks on Twitter next to images of Kung Lao, a playable character from the video game Mortal Kombat.

Twitter users started talking about Banks’s hat right away, with some saying she had a UFO on her head and others calling the hat a “dish.”

One subset of fans, however, took it a step further and started posting images of Banks next to Kung Lao.

“Why does @tyrabanks look like Kung Lao? #finishhim #DancingWiththeStars #DWTS #MortalKombat11,” one person tweeted.

Another wrote, “Tyra Banks out here cosplaying as Kung Lao from @MortalKombat rn. #dwts”

“Why they got Tyra Banks lookin like Kung Lao?” another person tweeted.

Plenty of other fans, however, enjoy Banks’s outfits and changes during the show.

“@DancingABC @TyraBanks is wearing beautiful outfits tonight,” another wrote.

Dancing With the Stars airs on Mondays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

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