DWTS Fans Blast Tyra Banks For Len Goodman Snub

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During “Dancing With the Stars” season 31 week two, host Tyra Banks was a little all over the place, culminating in her forgetting to let head judge Len Goodman give his critique for Emma Slater and Trevor Donovan after “Team Tremma” performed a sexy rumba to “Always On My Mind.”

Here’s what the fans are saying about the mistake on social media:

Fans Are Unhappy About Banks Forgetting Goodman & Then Calling Him ‘Papa’

After Team Tremma danced a rumba and received crititques from Derek Hough, Bruno Tonioli, and Carrie Ann Inaba, Banks sent them off to the skybox, but then realized that Goodman hadn’t gotten to say his piece and had to call Tremma back to the ballroom floor, so they went scurrying in front of the camera to re-take their places at Banks’ side.

The head judge looked fairly perturbed by the whole thing, and Banks also called him “Papa” when she apologized and fans are blasting the host for it.

“Tyra forgot about Len,” wrote one fan with a disgruntled emoji.

A second fan wrote, “Ok first Tyra says to ‘get a room’ then she forgets Len and calls him papa???? No. Get her off my screen.”

“Gee Tyra, maybe if you would STFU for 2 minutes, you wouldn’t have forgotten Len. ESPECIALLY since you had JUST mentioned him 10 seconds before.
@officialdwts Can you see it now? PLEASE GET RID OF HER,” wrote a third fan.

A fourth fan wrote, “LOL Now Len the head judge’s commentary was forgotten and almost skipped over?! Cmon Tyra needs a reprimand for that s***, at least lol.”

“Mm can we NOT call Len “Papa”? It’s uncomfortable. Not a fan of that choice, Tyra,” wrote another fan on Twitter.

“Tyra is such a bad host – forgetting about Len, making the Emma situation awkward,” wrote a third fan, in reference to Banks telling Team Tremma to “get a room” after they danced a sexy rumba.

“Can Tyra please stop calling Len papa!?!?!” wrote a fourth fan.

“We just gonna not talk about Tyra completely and awkwardly cutting Len off?” wrote another fan.

“Damn it, Tyra, they already want you off the show. I yelped. Len looked so fed up too LMAO,” wrote another fan.

Some Fans Love Banks’ ‘Chaotic Hosting’ Style

In a Reddit thread discussing Elvis night on the show, some fans are laughing over how chaotic Banks is as the host.

“I’m still dying over Tyra and Derek fanning Bruno and Tyra being so worked up about Tremma that she forgot ‘Papa!'” wrote one fan. “Say what you will, I love Tyra as host and the amusement she provides.”

Another fan replied, “I’m sorry, but when Trevor and Emma had to scurry back for their critiques from Len, I literally died.”

“Tyra is chaotic madness in the best possible way,” wrote a third fan.

A fourth fan lamented that “Tyra’s brand of chaotic hosting” doesn’t let her have any chemistry with the judges, writing, “Like Cat Deeley and the gang on SYTYCD. Mary and Nigel would never look exasperated with Cat like Len does with Tyra.”

One fan on Reddit also thought the production booth kept cutting Banks off on purpose, writing, “She was all over the place tonight! Didn’t she skip Len’s comment twice? And I noticed they cut her mic off a couple times because she wouldn’t shut up.”

“Dancing With the Stars” airs Monday nights at 8 p.m. Eastern/5 p.m. Pacific time on Disney Plus.

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