Tyra Banks’ Instagram Photoshop Sparks Strong Reaction From Fans

Tyra Banks Dancing With the Stars


Dancing With the Stars host Tyra Banks once again faced some backlash from fans after posting photos on Instagram featuring her calf muscles before and after being Photoshopped.

Banks is no stranger to controversy. Just a few months ago, Banks faced backlash from fans after she posted photos of takeout alongside a caption about ordering the same dish from multiple restaurants to see which one she liked the best. Fans thought the comments came across as tone-deaf, as many people have lost their jobs due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Many replies to Banks’ tweet said that the Dancing With the Stars host was tone-deaf and insensitive in the midst of a global pandemic.

One person replied to the tweet with a photo that read “Tyra, there’s people that are dying.”

Now, Banks is facing fan reactions for a completely different reason.

Banks Shared a Photoshopped Photo to Discuss Insecurities

Banks posted two photos, one that was Photoshopped and one that was not.

“My retouched calves before [and] after,” she wrote. “We all have that something we’re insecure about… one of mine: My skinny calves! Maybe I’ll incorporate more calf exercises into my 2021 resolutions. You and I know that will last for just a week. Ha! #LoveTheCalvesThatIHave What body part are you learning to love?”

The post received over 188,000 likes and a number of comments that varied from positive to negative.

Many Fans Couldn’t See the Difference in the Photos

Many fans commenting on the post talked about the fact that they couldn’t tell the difference between the photos.

“I don’t see a difference!” one person wrote. “Both pics are amazing!”

“I haven’t noticed the difference,” another said.

Banks also shared the post on Twitter, where it received the same type of comments.

One person responded to the tweet with a meme from The Office saying that the pictures look exactly the same.

Another responded, “mama TyTy i’d rather have your calves… I hate how big mine are. I’m just coming to terms with my nose kinda.”

Others seemed to appreciate the sentiment, saying that Banks’ highlighting the fact that she has insecurities helps others deal with theirs.

“Even the most beautiful women in the world have parts of their bodies they don’t like,” one person wrote.

Banks has been in the spotlight for a number of reasons recently, including her job hosting Dancing With the Stars, which received mixed reactions.

While Dancing With the Stars has yet to be renewed for season 30 officially, it’s likely that it will be and that Banks will return as the host of the show. In an Instagram post on November 30, Banks announced that she was excited for what a new season will bring to DWTS.

“First Monday without my [Dancing With the Stars] fam and I’m already missing all the dance, the glitz and the glam, and getting to play dress up each and every week!” Banks wrote. “The first dress from the finale night had me feelin’ like I was about to float away like a cloud (and trip on the stairs!!!)”

She continued, “Already can’t wait until next season where you know we will take it up 10 notches. Cuz that’s how we do.”

It’s clear that Banks will be returning to DWTSfor season 30, whenever the show airs.

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