Tyra Banks at Odds With ‘Dancing With the Stars’ [REPORT]

Tyra Banks on 'Dancing With the Stars' Halloween Horror Night

ABC Tyra Banks on 'Dancing With the Stars' Halloween Horror Night

“Dancing With the Stars” host and executive producer Tyra Banks is rumored to be on her way out, but a new report says that she is not going quietly.

Here is what the source is saying, according to the National Enquirer.

It Has Reportedly Been Chaos Behind the Scenes at ‘Dancing With the Stars’

In April 2022, after it was announced that “Dancing With the Stars” is moving to Disney Plus for season 31 and season 32, a report from The Sun said that Banks is on her way out amidst chaos behind the scenes in production.

“Production has been a mess, with no clear direction of where [the show] was going, which is why certain producers have been axed in recent months,” said the source, adding, “The mix of the behind-the-scenes chaos and the historically low ratings ultimately was the nail in the coffin. ABC didn’t feel it was worth the investment anymore, but didn’t want to drop it as a whole.”

The source continued, “There is no official decision on who will be hosting next season but it doesn’t look like Tyra will be back. Which would be a network decision, not her decision.”

The “certain producers” being let go is a reference to executive producer Andrew LLinares stepping aside in March 2022. He was one of the producers responsible for firing original host Tom Bergeron and co-host Erin Andrews and bringing in Banks in season 29. Bergeron tweeted when Llinares stepped down, “Karma’s a b****.”

A Source Said Banks Is Not Going Down Without a Fight

A new report from the National Enquirer has a source saying that Banks is not going to leave the show without a fight.

“Tyra isn’t going to make this easy for them. She has a strong team of reps and tons of producing experience, so she’s not going to just sit back and let them cut her out of the equation,” said the source.

The National Enquirer source also said that the executives want to put all of the blame on Banks for why the show has struggled in recent years, but she’s “not going to take the fall” and is threatening to go “totally nuclear” if they try to push her out.

“They want to put it all on Tyra, but she’s not going to take the fall for this. She’s going totally nuclear and threatening to spill all kinds of show secrets unless they keep her around. Either that or they’ll have to pay her off to leave quietly,” said the source.

The source continued, “Tyra’s a very tough cookie, and she’s not going to make this easy for them. She won’t be their scapegoat. She wants a huge exit package and recognition. She’s already started a campaign to line up people on her side. There are plenty of people who are bitter about how they’ve been treated and Tyra’s using that.”

The source added, “She knows how to play the Hollywood game.”

But “Dancing With the Stars” fans are hopeful Banks is on her way out based on the total radio silence on her social media with anything having to do with “Dancing With the Stars.” She hasn’t posted anything show-related since the finale on November 23.

“Dancing With the Stars” returns for season 31 in the fall of 2022 on Disney Plus.

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