Twitter Users Blast Tyra Banks Over Resurfaced Video Clip

Tyra Banks

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Every now and then, a clip from TV past resurfaces and enrages people on social media. This time, a clip from America’s Next Top Model has Twitter users angry at Dancing With the Stars host Tyra Banks for the way she ran the show.

In a clip from TikTok that ended up on Twitter, models from America’s Next Top Model could be seen walking the runway through an obstacle course of huge, swinging medallions. People had very strong reactions to the clip.

“Tyra was a menace,” one person tweeted. “She wasn’t preparing them girls for modeling she was preparing them for The Hunger Games.” 

Twitter Users Were Upset at Tyra Banks

After seeing the clip, people started talking about the other ways they felt like Banks treated the models poorly on the show.

“Tyra Banks ENJOYED terrorizing these girls,” one person wrote.

Another wrote, “The fact that Tyra probably didn’t even have to do stuff like this” with a crying emoji.

Another compared the show to Wipeout, writing “Total wipeout but make it fashion.” Yet another person wrote, “Tyra really was a mf villain bruh.”

“I remember how funny it was watching that runway but d*** Tyra loved putting those girls in trauma,” someone Tweeted.

“Tyra really chose violence every episode and we just sat and watched,” one person wrote.

Other Clips From ‘America’s Next Top Model Also Resurfaced’

After seeing the clip, people started responding with other ways that Banks had the models on the show perform and shared different clips from the show, including one where models were in a bubble on a slippery runway.

“Fun fact: they had to do this runway twice because nobody fell the first time,” a person replied. “Molly said the second time around they saw producers spraying the runway with Pam to purposely make them fall.”

Another runway had models walking on a floating, moving dock in the water. A person replied to that clip, writing, “I can’t believe I used to watch this and think it was normal.”

In response to the clip, fans started replying with other clips from the show. One of those clips showed that models had to walk a vertical runway, meaning they were walking down the side of a building while being connected to a rope.

“I’d be so scared of doing this cause I feel like Tyra would throw in some faulty ones and watch me get the faulty one,” one person responded.

“Long story short Tyra Banks chose chaos and violence on every season of America’s Next Top Model,” one user said.

Others said that they thought it was interesting how Twitter users find a reason to hate on Tyra Banks every few months.

“Oh we talking about how terrible Tyra Banks is again?” one person tweeted.

Another wrote, “I love that every few weeks everyone comes together to drag [Tyra Banks] on how awful she was to the girls on ANTM.”

Tyra Banks currently hosts Dancing With the Stars, which will return in 2021 for season 30.

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