Tyra Banks Called Out for ‘Inappropriate’ Interaction With Semi-Finalist

Tyra Banks

Getty Images Some fans think Tyra Banks took a moment on season 31 too far.

Tyra Banks had a moment on “Dancing With the Stars” that didn’t sit well with some fans.

On ’90s week, semi-finalists Trevor Donovan and his ballroom pro partner Emma Slater dressed up as Barbie and Ken for a performance to Aqua’s “Barbie Girl.” Their Salsa was “fun,” according to judge Len Goodman and Donovan and Slater scored a 34/40, which was one of their highest scores of the season.

However, before receiving their scores, Donovan and Slater received feedback from the judges, led by Banks. At one point, she reached over to point out Donovan’s underwear, which had his name running across the rubber band. Several fans felt that Banks’ attention to Donovan’s underwear — especially the touching of them — was “inappropriate.”

Here’s what you need to know:

Banks Touched Donovan’s Underwear Twice

After their performance, Slater and Donovan stood breathless in front of the judges’ panel. Banks called out Donovan’s underwear straight away.

“Did you guys get a look at these underwear that say Trevor?” Banks asked as she tugged on Donovan’s waistband. She then went bank and ran her finger over the waistband, pointing out the name “Trevor,” which was printed on them.

Shortly after the moment aired, someone shared a video of the interaction on Reddit. Several viewers took to the thread to share their opinions.

“That was so inappropriate. You know there would’ve been outrage if the roles were reversed,” one Reddit user commented on the thread.

“She can’t go one episode without doing/saying something inappropriate,” someone else wrote.

“Nahhh it was definitely cringe at best, and frankly inappropriate at worst,” a third comment read.

“And I can’t believe all those people in the poll saying they want her back, after she inappropriately touched this man,” a fourth person said.

Several people also felt that if a male host or judge did this to a female competitor, there would be more outrage. These opinions were also expressed on the Reddit thread.

Fans Still Have Mixed Feelings About Banks Hosting DWTS

It’s no secret that many “Dancing With the Stars” fans were upset to learn that Tom Bergeron had been let go as the show’s host. And, over the past couple of seasons, Banks has been criticized, slammed, and dragged all over the internet following her evenings as the show’s new host.

And while some people still aren’t huge fans of Banks, there are quite a few who admit that she seems to be doing a better job in season 31. Although fans still have very mixed feelings on Banks’ hosting gig, there do seem to be more positive comments about the job she’s doing than in past seasons.

“Yeah she’s definitely improving! she’s definitely not as bad as people used to make her out to be before imo,” one DWTS fan commented on a thread about Banks as host.

“I like her. The show being back to mostly normal with COVID has helped immensely with the energy. She’s also able to joke with Alfonso. I think hosting for two hours live with no commercials is a big task and she handles it well,” someone else wrote.

Meanwhile, some people completely disagree with these opinions.

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