Fan-Favorite DWTS Pro Says Season 30 Is Their ‘Last One’ But Fans Do Not Believe Them

Val Chmerkovskiy Retirement

ABC One "Dancing With the Stars" pro says season 30 will be their last.

Val Chmerkovksiy, a fan-favorite professional dancer on ABC’sDancing With the Stars,” told a fan that he’s going to be retiring after the current season of the show. Some fans do not believe him, however.

A screenshot of Chmerkovskiy’s direct messages to one fan on Instagram were screenshotted and posted to Twitter, and in the message to his fan, Chmerkovskiy seemingly confirms the rumors of his upcoming retirement.

“The support of the fam means so much to me,” he wrote. “The energy has been insane and I’m so humbled and grateful. I haven’t felt this in a LONG TIME. I really appreciate everyone, and tbh the love is making me really sad about this being my last one. Love you guys! Please pass that on.”

Many fans think that Chmerkovskiy was actually exaggerating about the season being his last on the show in order to gain more votes to make it through to the finale, however.

Fans Think Chmerkovskiy Will Return

In a Reddit thread about the post, fans said they think Chmerkovskiy will be back for another season.

“This man is lying,” one person wrote. “Why would you say something like that to a fan in a DM and first of all we should know by now that Val loves attention so whoever posted this knows it’ll get out to the public and make him and Olivia get more votes. The marketing this man has done this season is smart ngl.”

Some replyers pointed to the fact that professional dancer Cheryl Burke has said she is going to retire multiple times but has continued to return season after season. However, others point out that Chmerkovskiy wouldn’t be the first professional on the show to retire.

“Derek [Hough], Mark [Ballas], Maks [Chmerkovskiy] have all done it…” one person wrote, though they also said they thought Val Chmerkovskiy would not be retiring because “he needs the show more than the show needs him.”

A separate Reddit thread demonstrates more fans feeling that Chmerkovskiy is lying about retiring.

“Even if you believe he means it now, he could change his mind,” one person commented.

Another wrote, “Val will absolutely come back for the right partner.”

Plenty of others called the comments a “marketing strategy.”

Others in that same thread said that they thought it was truly possible that Chmerkovskiy would be done after season 30.

Chmerkovskiy Previously Said He May Retire

Chmerkovskiy appeared on his current “Dancing With the Stars” partner Olivia Jade’s podcast “Conversations With Olivia Jade,” and he also talked about retiring there, giving some more credibility to the idea that this could be his last season of the show.

Still, fans are very unsure about Chmerkovskiy’s motives for talking about retiring and whether or not he’ll actually be missing from the ballroom in season 31.

“I think Val should at least take time off of the show as he seems to need a break and then he could come back,” one person commented on Reddit. “Not to get into a [Chmerkovskiy] brothers/Derek debate as I don’t really have a horse in the race there… but I don’t think the C brothers can really do much beyond ballroom style dancing.”

They add that they don’t believe Chmerkovskiy can have the same type of career as Derek Hough, who has his foot in all types of different areas and has a contract with ABC and Las Vegas residency.

Chmerkovskiy does run a dance fitness app called Dance & Co, so “Dancing With the Stars” is  not the only place where he appears either, however.

“Dancing With the Stars” airs on Mondays at 8 p.m. Eastern time (live) and pacific time (recorded) on ABC.

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Linda Largey
Linda Largey
2 months ago

I would be so sad if he left. I would love to see his brother Max return to the show. The two of them are the best dancers!

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