EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Catching Up with Vanessa Lachey

Vanessa Lachey Interview

Courtesy of Weber Shandwick Vanessa Lachey partners with Total Wireless for the Total Wireless Awards.

Vanessa Lachey has been a bright, shining star on television, and she continues to shine in her latest ventures as well. She’s been appearing on the show Call Me Kat, juggling parenthood with husband Nick Lachey, and now she’s teamed up with Total Wireless to recognize everyday people doing extraordinary things.

Read on for our exclusive interview with Lachey, as she gives us a down-to-earth look at her life on and off the screen.

HEAVY: So, how’s it going, juggling being a mom of 3?
Vanessa Lachey: (Chuckles.) It’s all of the things. High highs, low lows, but honestly, I’m just excited I got this time with them. I think I realized that my time with them at this age is fleeting. I mean, they grow up so quickly. Everyone says that and it’s true.

HEAVY: What are some of the things you and your family do to keep busy in this pandemic?
Lachey: Oh man. Brooklyn, Phoenix and I have done a lot more cooking in the kitchen. I missed the whole Lego phase with Camden and I was grateful for that. (Laughs.) We’re just planning family activities we can do together … We’ve learned new card games. We’ve learned new board games. I’ve gotten some series’ of books for Camden and we read together. Obviously, you can give them a tablet and it’s easy. You can go and take a shower, but whenever we can connect in a way that we usually wouldn’t, in a regular school year, I think it’s a plus.

We try to get outside, bounce on the trampoline. Oh my gosh. He got a trampoline for Christmas last year from Santa. It’s been the best gift of the entire year. Nick’s knees and back are killing him, but, every single day the kids want to jump on the trampoline with Daddy.

HEAVY: People don’t realize what a workout that is!
Lachey: Yeah! Yeah, exactly.

HEAVY: Well, switching gears … I hear you have a new TV role. Can you tell me about Call Me Kat?
Lachey: Oh yeah! I shot last fall and then some this year. I get to come in and out and play Mayim Bialik’s best friend from growing up. And, that alone is a bucket list moment. I’ve always heard wonderful things about her, but she is an incredible soul. She’s funny, kind, smart, she’s empathetic … She’s all of the things. And, to be able to be in a cast with her, I’m honored … The entire cast, head to toe, are the nicest, funniest people … It’s one of those “pinch me” moments.

HEAVY: So how did the role of Tara come to you?
Lachey: Honestly, they had seen my work and talked amongst themselves. And, it was my first time that I got a call about a show. They liked my work! So, it was a really great feeling … I had just come back from filming a holiday Christmas movie, not knowing what the next step was in this crazy time, and I got that call … This was definitely a blessing that came in unexpected and very much appreciated.

HEAVY: Well, many of us know you because of your great experience in hosting. Do you think hosting has changed at all since the pandemic hit?
Lachey: I don’t think hosting has changed because there’s not always a live audience … I think everything just took a pause … You can’t film huge crowd scenes right now … I think for hosting, there’s still so many amazing opportunities and I think a lot of actors have come into the hosting world because hosting is still happening. They’re still continuing to turn out shows.

HEAVY: I know you actually have a hosting gig going on with Total Wireless. Can you tell me about the awards show gig and your working with the brand?
Lachey: This, specifically, I’m excited about my partnership with Total Wireless because we are recognizing those who are doing amazing in this crazy time. These are just regular people who have started new companies that help those in need, so we want to support their communities and we have created these Total Wireless Awards … It’s about finding something inspiring. There’s some incredible stories … A mother, a single mother, who is just doing everything she can for her children. A single dad, who is doing silly TikToks to entertain his daughter while she’s doing virtual learning … Just so many stories that make you think, ‘It is a challenging environment, but we can still stay connected virtually. We can still do something about it virtually.’

Total Wireless wants to encourage that. I’m also just here to remind people that even though it is a crazy time, there’s still an affordable way to stay connected, where there’s no contract. That’s something I think we can all use right now, is financial help … There’s no excuse to not stay connected.

HEAVY: Speaking of staying connected, you and your husband have gotten to work a lot together, hosting different events and competing on Dancing with the Stars together … What are those experiences like for you?
Lachey: We enjoy working together. We tested it out with the live shows Miss USA and Miss Universe. We were there to support each other and not one-up each other, so we continued that with Love Is Blind and it was a fun experience for us, that we’d like to continue together. Thankfully, I like the guy. (She jokes.)

HEAVY: So, what would be a show that you would love to host, given the opportunity?
Lachey: Hmm, that’s a good question. I mean, I’m always grateful for my opportunities, but, I’d love to bring TRL back. I just love that show … It was always so fun.

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