Victor Voronov UPDATE: Johnny Weir’s Ex-Husband Today

Getty Johnny Weir and Victor Vovonov.

Johnny Weir is well-known in the world of figure skating, having won two Olympic medals and three US national championships. But what do we know about the 36-year-old’s love life?

In 2011, Weir married his boyfriend, Victor Voronov— a lawyer at the time, who, according to The Cinemaholic, “gave up his legal practice to support his partner’s career for which they had to travel around the world.”

After two years, the marriage took a turn for the worse when Voronov pressed charges against Weir for allegedly biting him during a domestic violence dispute.

The Tampa Bay Times later reported Weir as saying of that night, “We were fighting in such a terrible way and it did get physical on that night and it’s unfortunate that things went the way that it did because domestic violence is never the way to go. Domestic violence is never the answer and when its two men, things are different,” he said. “It was usually good humored wrestling, but a few times, of course, it did get physical and … some of my closest friends have seen him hit me before.”

Not long after Volonov pressed charges, The Huffington Post reported, “Details of the incident are scarce, but when he appeared in court in Lyndhurst, N.J., Weir-Voronov asked the judge to dismiss the charges. The dismissal was granted, according to the report.”

Despite the fact that charges were initially dismissed, the pair’s relationship took another left turn and ultimately ended in separation. In late March, Weir announced the two had split.

Volonov has maintained a low profile since his 2014 divorce.

The last time he made headlines was in 2016, when he reportedly “blamed Weir for ruining [his] relationship” with ice dancer Joti Polizoakis.

When the then 32-year-old spoke to Page Six, he said of Weir, “The only thing that Johnny has is jealousy, anger and resentment toward this — trying to break up my relationship.”

“It was my ex masterfully manipulating me again,” Voronov continued. “He always kept his tabs on me and would reach out whenever Joti would leave town. Joti this time went to Germany. I like a fool, like an idiot again, was just curious after two years of such vile behavior, I was just curious to what he had to say. When he made those accusations against Joti, I don’t know what got into me or why I even listened. But I believed him.”

Voronov said that Weir tried to break him up with Polizoakis because he is still “not over [our] divorce.'”

At the time the article was written, Page Six reported that Voronov and Polizoakis had repaired their relationship, and were long distance between New York City and Detroit.

Asked for a statement from Voronov’s rep, Wendy Feldman said, “I am happy to help set the record straight so that my client Victor and his partner Joti can move forward with their lives and Victor can go back to being a lawyer and Joti can continue on his path to the Olympics. This is a case of simple jealousy of an aging diva vs. a young hot stud — sometimes things are just that simple.”

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