‘Dancing With the Stars’ Fans Slam Pro Lindsay Arnold

lindsay arnold

ABC Lindsay Arnold and Matt James.

Some “Dancing With the Stars” fans are upset with professional dancer Lindsay Arnold over her behavior in a YouTube video she posted on October 23, 2021, featuring her and her sisters spending time together and exploring Los Angeles.

Lindsay Arnold’s sisters Brynlee, Riley and Jensen all visited her in Los Angeles where they recorded a vlog and uploaded it to their YouTube channel, The Arnold Sisters. The vlog was simply titled “ARNOLD SISTERS TAKE LA!!”

At around the 20-minute mark in the video, the sisters travel to a restaurant and bring Lindsay’s daughter, Sage, who is under a year old, with them. They film Sage playing with a noodle when she drops it onto the floor. Then, she’s given another noodle to play with.

Lindsay can clearly be heard saying “now don’t let go of it, okay?” in the video while watching Sage smile and play once again, however, since multiple noodles can be seen on the floor behind the table, some viewers thought that it wasn’t the first noodle and that the Arnolds were being disrespectful to essential workers.

Fans Called Lindsay Arnold Out for Her Behavior

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Fans were not happy with their behavior while filming at the restaurant.

One person took to Reddit with a post titled, “Love Lindsay, but a part of her new YouTube video annoyed me today.” They go on to say that “Lindsay keeps giving her baby noodles to throw on the floor as waiters are walking around, which I found really annoying. People are trying to have a nice meal and waiters are moving around doing their job. Why are you actively encouraging your kid to throw food on the floor?”

People replied to the post saying that they were not surprised with Lindsay’s behavior.

“I don’t find that surprising at all,” one person wrote. “I used to like her but she’s insufferable now considering her questionable actions the past while. Her fast food prank video was also really tone-deaf and inconsiderate to the workers that are just trying to do their job.”

Another wrote, “As someone who paid my dues in the food industry when I was younger, I find this kind of thing so annoying, too. It’s inconsiderate to the staff and it is reinforcing that behavior.”

Some people were in the comment section on the YouTube video with other types of criticism, including the fact that Sage was not eating off a plate.

“Does anyone else know why they never give Sage a plate when they eat out? I’m not typically one to comment about germs but that’s just gross,” one person wrote.

Lindsay Arnold Deleted a Podcast Calling Out the DWTS Judges

Arnold has been open about thinking that her elimination from “Dancing With the Stars” earlier in season 30 was unfair.

Now, Arnold’s podcast about the elimination has disappeared from Spotify, leading some fans to think that she deleted the post after the backlash she was receiving or possibly for another reason like “Dancing With the Stars” asking her to take it down.

On a Reddit thread about the deletion, some fans commented to say they thought that the show might be one to “crack down on the unofficial podcasts” when contracts are renewed, since multiple pros have shared their thoughts through podcasts during season 30.

Arnold has not commented on any of the issues raised by fans at the time of writing on October 25, 2021.

“Dancing With the Stars” airs on Mondays at 8 p.m. Eastern time on ABC.

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