Fans Have Mixed Reactions to DWTS Finalist’s ‘Almost Cheating’ Story

DWTS season 31 semi-finalists.

ABC Some fans weren't thrilled about a reveal that came in a DWTS pre-dance package.

A “Dancing With the Stars” finalist had a pre-dance package that left some fans unhappy.

On November 14, 2022, Wayne Brady and his pro partner Witney Carson danced a Paso Doble to “Beggin'” by Maneskin in the first round of the night. Prior to taking the floor, production aired Brady’s pre-dance package, as they do with every dancer before each dance.

During the package, Brady opened up to Carson about how he relates to the song “Beggin,'” explaining that he once was begging for forgiveness when he had a lapse in judgment before his marriage to Mandie Taketa. Although Brady says he didn’t cheat on Taketa when they were dating, it was still a rough time in their relationship.

The two later ended up getting married — and then divorced — but Brady shared the story because he wanted to be “vulnerable” and “put it out there.” Brady’s Paso Doble earned him a score of 36/40. Although he wasn’t at the top of the leaderboard when the night finished, he did make it to the finals.

After the segment aired, some DWTS fans reacted to the package on Reddit.

Here’s what you need to know:

Some Fans Felt Brady’s Reveal Was ‘Odd’

While Brady wanted to share a bit about his personal life on the semi-finals, his story wasn’t super well-received with all DWTS fans. Someone started a Reddit thread about Brady’s pre-dance package and kicked off a discussion about what he chose to share.

“Now why is wayne talking about almost cheating on his wife lmaoooo,” one Redditor wrote, starting the new thread.

“That gave me the vibe he’s BEGGIN to go home,” someone commented.

“This was such an odd thing to dedicate a dance to and in the semifinals no less,” another person wrote.

“It’s the way he tried twisting this into a sob story for me lmao. I guess he exhausted all his other sob stories and was desperate to try and bring in another,” a third said.

Some DWTS Appreciated Brady’s ‘Courage’

Some “Dancing With the Stars” fans praised Brady for being vulnerable and sharing that with the world.

“I thought it was a great story about commitment, challenge, and earning back your partners trust,” a Redditor countered.

“I really liked that he had the courage to say that on tv. Being in a relationship that never ever wavers is really rare and for him to admit that he saw an alternative and actively made a decision to go with his commitment and his heart and worked to earn her back is huge imo,” someone else said.

“I agree, they were dating and going through that experience seemed to make him realize how much he was in love with his wife. Idk if the story was necessary but he was never implying that he was going to cheat on his wife,” another Reddit user echoed.

Brady dedicated his second dance to his grandmother, who died earlier in 2022. His Viennese Waltz to “It’s A Man’s Man’s Man’s World” by James Brown received a 37/40 from the judges and left Brady in tears.

After the show, Brady took to Instagram to share a video of the dance, calling it the “highlight of [his] entire @dancingwiththestars experience.”

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