Fans Worry That DWTS Frontrunner & Pro Partner Had a Falling Out

DWTS season 31 cast

ABC Fans are wondering if a pro and her season 31 partner are not on the best of terms.

Some “Dancing With the Stars” fans are convinced — and a little worried — that a season 31 competitor has had a falling out with his pro partner.

Witney Carson and Wayne Brady have set themselves up for being in the semi-finals since the very first time they took to the ballroom together. They seem to have great chemistry when they are dancing, and Carson is doing a great job preparing Brady for his dances each week, but some fans think there’s something going on between the two.

Chatter picked up speed ahead of ’90s week, when fans noticed that Brady appeared by himself in some of the promo footage shared on the Instagram Stories of the official DWTS Instagram account. From there, a Reddit thread took shape and fans weighed in on what might be going on between Carson and Brady.

Here’s what you need to know:

Several Fans Think the ‘Vibe’ Between Carson & Brady Is Off

Carson and Brady have been one of the teams to beat, but as they’re getting closer to winning that Mirrorball Trophy, fans are noticing a disconnect.

“Does anyone find it weird he was doing stories alone today while answering questions? something seems off about their partnership but maybe it’s just because witney is busy this season being a mom, etc,” one Redditor wrote, kicking off a new thread.

“Yeah something is weird with their partnership… the random miscommunication where she ended up in Cabo and it was never mentioned again, her never promoting them together (abnormal for wit) and now him doing stories alone. I’m sorry but it’s odd. I feel like they don’t vibe,” another person added.

“There’s something amiss with them…and I went into this season thinking Wayne and Whitney would win but I’m starting to think Wayne will be a shocking elim now or place like 4th. Something is missing and while he came out swinging, Gabby and Shangela are starting to pass him in the rankings, for me now,” a third person weighed in.

“She doesn’t post anything about him or the show. Something is definitely amiss. Such a bummer because it’s been affecting their performance,” echoed a fourth.

Brady Called Himself ‘the Luckiest Guy in the Competition’

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight Canada, Carson and Brady both said that they felt “good” ahead of the semi-finals, which will kick off on Monday, November 14, 2022.

“I’m not going to lie. Physically, I’m beat up,” Brady said when asked how he was feeling, “both mentally” and “physically.” Carson sort of looked on with a blank stare.

“Poor Wit looks so sad,” one fan commented on a thread specifically about the ET interview.

“She really doesn’t enjoy him,” someone else wrote.

Brady went on to say that he got “partnered with somebody who wanted it as much as — if not more” than he did. When Carson was asked what surprised her the most working with Brady on the show, she responded, “How busy he is.” She went on to call him “legit” and said that he’s extremely talented.

Brady then said that he’s “the luckiest guy in the competition” to be partnered with Carson.

And while some fans aren’t too sure that Brady and Carson will make it to the finals, there are still predictions — including this one from Parade — that suggest Brady could win the season.

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