DWTS Pro Witney Carson Ripped After Latest Instagram Photos of Her Son

Witney Carson

Getty Images Witney Carson shared photos of her son Leo on a boat without a life jacket.

Witney Carson went on a week-long getaway with her husband and their 1-year-old son, Leo, to Lake Powell — a favorite vacation spot of theirs.

The “Dancing With the Stars” pro let her Instagram followers know that she would be off the grid for a bit, as she soaked in the special moments and made some memories with her family. Upon her return, Carson shared some photos of the trip, which included some family fun on a boat and even a bonfire on the beach.

“A whole week with no service and some of my favorite people! I loved every minute,” Carson captioned an Instagram post uploaded on May 21, 2022. It didn’t take long, however, for some people to start criticizing Carson.

Here’s what you need to know:

Several Fans Noticed That Leo Wasn’t Wearing a Life Jacket on the Boat

Shortly after Carson uploaded some photos from her trip to Lake Powell, some concerned people took to the comments section to question why Leo was on a boat without a life jacket.

“Baby on a boat and no life jacket. What,” one person commented.

“Looks so fun but shouldn’t the baby have on a life jacket on board a water vehicle? Anything coukd [sic] happen,” someone else added.

“You may want to look at the boating laws regarding life vests and Leo in your state and others,” a third comment read.

“Amazes me how people can allow there [sic] children and themselves to not wear life jackets. Don’t @ me with your bulls*** about it was only for a picture. Anyone who’s lost a loved on from not wearing a life jacket would tell you it isn’t worth it,” a fourth Instagram user wrote.

This Isn’t the First Time That Carson Has Been Called Out for not Having Leo in a Life Jacket

Following a different family trip, Carson also received her fair share of backlash. The mom-of-one shared a video of her son on a boat in August 2021, and her post was highly criticized for more than one reason.

The video showed baby Leo in a baseball hat and a diaper and Carson chose the song “Beethoven” by Kenndog for the post. She used the uncensored version that featured the n-word, and fans filled the comments section of the post, telling Carson that the song choice wasn’t appropriate.

“Wow. Song choice. Bad. And WHY would you choose it?” one person asked.

“Very disappointed in the background song you chose. The words are vile and very inappropriate,” someone else said.

Moreover, Leo was on a boat and not in a life jacket, so several people let Carson know their feelings on that, too.

“My first thought wasn’t how cute, it was where’s his life jacket,” an Instagram user wrote.

“Love you… but no matter the age and the intent all babies and children MUST wear a life jacket when near the water. If you couldn’t get to him or save him you would never forgive yourself. Accidents happen,” another comment read.

Carson has since deleted that post.

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