DWTS Pro ‘So Excited’ to Have a Baby


“Dancing With the Stars” professional dancer Witney Carson did a Q&A with author and activist Katherine Schwarzenegger Pratt, who is also the daughter of Arnold Schwarzenegger and wife to actor Chris Pratt.

The talk was part of Schwarzenegger Pratt’s series called “BDA,” which stars for “Before, During, After” and is all about pregnancy and giving birth and what happens afterward.

During the talk, Carson opened up about how hard her pregnancy with her son Leo, 1, was, but said that despite how hard it was on her, she is “so excited to have another baby.”

Witney Admitted She’s Not Excited to be Pregnant Again

During the Instagram live, Carson talked about how hard it was to be in labor while having also just tested positive for COVID. As Schwarzenegger Pratt wrote in the Instagram post:

For many reasons, Witney’s labor did not go to plan. First, at the hospital, she tested positive for Covid when admitted. Then, after hours of attempting a vaginal delivery, her son was stuck beneath her pelvis, requiring an emergency c-section. After birth, Witney was not able to walk right away and had trouble being patient with her body’s recovery.

But despite all of that, Witney is ready to have baby No. 2.

“I’m so excited to have another baby. I’m not necessarily [excited] to be pregnant, but to have another baby, I’m excited. Pregnancy was a little rough, so we’ll see how it goes,” said Carson.

She also admitted that she was not one of those women who is just glowing and super excited to be pregnant. She basically turned into someone who was constantly yelling, “Get this baby out of me!” by the time she was 30 weeks along.

“I stopped working out at like 30 works. I was like – I’m done,” said Carson, adding, “I had back problems, I was not the glowing pregnancy person. I was like, ‘Get this baby out of me!’ … I’m hoping that my next pregnancy will be different, but who knows?”

Carson and her husband, Carson McAllister, welcomed baby Leo in January of 2021. Back in December 2021, she teased her Instagram followers with a post of herself holding baby Leo captioned, “LOVE OF MY LIFE. Is it time for a second?” The comments are full of people hoping she has a little girl next time.

Carson Also Said It Is ‘Really Hard’ to Work and Parent at the Same Time

Carson admitted that she does carry that mommy “guilt” that a lot of working mothers struggle with.

“When I’m working, I feel that guilt that I should be with my son and when I’m with my son, I feel like I should be working,” said Witney. “It’s finding that balance.”

She continued, “Working and being a mom is really, really hard. Cheers to single working women out there, they are amazing. It’s been really hard, but I lean a lot on my husband and my family members and people around me who’ve been really amazing to help out with Leo.”

She went on to say that she really had to learn how to “give [her]self grace” and stop trying to be perfect all the time.

“I spend time with my son and I think I come back to what really matters … just giving yourself grace and time and patience and you don’t have to be perfect and it’s OK — everybody is not perfect,” said Carson. “Nobody’s perfect, at all. So it’s giving yourself that patience and love. You have to love yourself first before you can love anybody else.”

She added, “It’s important to take care of yourself before you can take care of others.”

Carson did confirm that she’s gearing up for the next season of “Dancing With the Stars,” but if she and her husband do end up getting pregnant soon, obviously she would have to sit another season out — Carson previously took season 29 off because she was pregnant with Leo.

On Easter Sunday, Carson posted a series of photos to Instagram of herself with her husband and son captioned, “Happy Easter everyone. #becauseofhim I get to keep these boys of mine forever! I’m so grateful for my Savior this #eastersunday and every day. He really is the Prince of Peace. #easter #heisrisen.”

“Dancing With the Stars” returns for season 31 in the fall of 2022 on Disney Plus.

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