Some Fans Think DWTS Pro Will Sit Out Season 32

Daniella Karagach, Peta Murgatroyd, and Witney Carson.

Getty Images Fans think a DWTS pro will take a season off.

Pregnant “Dancing With the Stars” pro Witney Carson may be planning on a return to the ballroom in the fall — at least, that’s what some fans think. On March 10, 2023, Carson posted a Q&A on her Instagram Stories and many people asked her about her upcoming move to Florida.

One person asked if Carson and her husband, Carson McAllister, would be returning to Utah and the ballroom pro hinted that they do plan on traveling back.

“I have a feeling we’ll be back and forth quite often, especially in LA,” Carson said. This was enough to kick up conversation on a Reddit thread with some fans thinking that Carson was hinting at a DWTS return following the birth of her son, who is due in May 2023. Others, however, think Carson may skip season 32 but return to the show in the future.

Carson competed on season 31 of DWTS, finishing in third place with partner Wayne Brady. She did not announce her retirement at the end of the season and has not given any indication that she wouldn’t return to the show. Some fans feel that the birth of her second child could be cause for her to take a season off.

Here’s what you need to know:

Some Fans Don’t Think That Witney Carson Will Be Back for Season 32

Although Carson hasn’t said whether or not she plans on returning to the ballroom for season 32, which is likely to begin sometime in the late summer or early fall of 2023, it seems as though she is keeping her options open.

“We’re keeping our house in Utah. I think it’s a really good fail safe for me in case I don’t love Florida, for some reason. Or, in case we want to come back. My whole family’s here. It’s a really hard move. Really, really hard move for us. So we wanted to keep roots here,” she said on her Instagram Stories.

Fans reacted to her Q&A responses on Reddit.

“I think this season I could see her taking another break. But if that’s the case I could definitely see her come back for future seasons!!” one Redditor commented on the thread.

“Unless she meant la for business opportunities, but i’d think dwts since she did she wanted to continue. season 32 i’m not sure she’ll be back, but seems like she’s open in the future,” someone else added.

“She goes to LA a lot for influencer events,” a third DWTS fan pointed out.

DWTS pro Sharna Burgess decided to sit out season 31 after the birth of her baby boy Zane.

“I was not ready to spend at minimum 10 hours a day away from Zane,” Burgess said in a video shared on her Instagram Stories ahead of season 31, according to TV Insider. “I say ten hours because it’s not just the time in the room. It’s the travel time, the prep time, the hair and makeup time. Sundays and Mondays are full days away. I’m a full-time breastfeeding mama, and not only that, I just, I am so in love with just being a mom,” she explained.

Other DWTS pros who are expecting babies in 2023 include Danielle Karagach, Peta Murgatroyd, and Lindsay Arnold. Murgatroyd is the only one — so far — who has said that she plans on returning for season 32.

“I would love to be, if they want me. I’m here, I’m willing. I’ll give birth and jump back in within, you know, the seven weeks that I did with Shai,” she told Us Weekly in March 2023.

Witney Carson & Carson McAllister Are Moving to Florida in June 2023

Carson shared the news that she and her family would be moving from Utah to Florida in an Instagram post on March 9, 2023.

“Well you guys, we are moving…. TO FLORIDA!! As hard as this change might be, I know it’s right for us right now. I’m filled with lots of emotions, but I really am excited to have this adventure with my little family. Im embracing the change, so here we go 2023!! Will continue to give updates here, love you all,” she captioned a post.

During her Q&A, she dove a little deeper into that decision when someone asked why she and McAllister chose Florida.

“So, we actually had been looking for a place, warm, for a while now — for about two years. And my sister-in-law moved to Florida about a year-and-a-half ago, and we just kind of fell in love with her area that she’s in. And this house just kind of came available. And so we decided to jump on board. And it happened really, actually very sudden. It happened within like five days. And, yeah, it just feels right and it feels good. And we’re excited to be in warm weather in the winter months as well. So, it’ll be good,” Carson said on her Instagram Stories.

Carson also shared that they would not be moving until June 2023 — after she has her baby and has a bit of time to recover.

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